Old moroccan wool cape in black and yellow
Old moroccan wool cape in black and yellow
Old moroccan wool cape in black and yellow

Old moroccan wool cape in black and yellow

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From the brightest and the most pleasing capes from Morocco here comes this vintage cape dyed and designed with natural colors and traditional embroidery. For increased comfort and softness this Vintage Yellow Woolen cape has been hand stitched and embroidered completely with wool which is of the purest quality and specialty of Morocco.
This Fabulous Moroccan cape has the major color of black and yellow. Little muddy color fringes come out from one edge of this berber cape that makes it look even more phenomenal and exceptional.
The design embroidered on this selham has depicted peacefulness and positivity. It is believed that wrapping one’s body in this highly authentic and classic cape will induce positive thoughts in a person and will make him/her happy from inside.
To match the contrast of the beautiful embroidery a traditional Moroccan design is made at the center of the cape. On this maroon background also smooth and splendid black colored beautiful embroidery is done. All these embroideries and color combinations give a fantastic look to this exclusive Moroccan cape.
This old cape is preserved at our stores since years, originally stitched and designed in Moroccan Medina. And this beautiful and astonishing cape is ready to be delivered to your service giving you a warm, comforting and soothing feeling.
Not only this there are also many other elegant and attractive capes. Hence, check out the all-new collection of this famous and authentic akhnif capes and order one of these today. Do not waste a moment and feel royal and comfort with this classic and traditional cape.

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Moroccan vintage cape from Michael on Vimeo.


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