Sage & Red Colored Stylish Moroccan Cape
Sage & Red Colored Stylish Moroccan Cape
Sage & Red Colored Stylish Moroccan Cape

Sage & Red Colored Stylish Moroccan Cape

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It is always good to be stylish and go with the fashion. This fashion stuff becomes even more interesting and joyful when mixed with a little traditional flavor that adds to a forever going value to the ongoing fashionable trend.

With this mixture here comes this highly beautiful and authentic Moroccan cape. This is a typical old Moroccan selham from the ancient times stitched in Morocco. This is a completely handmade vintage cape and is the original one, designed by the most talented and artistic women in Morocco using the traditional stitching and designing methodologies.

The color of this cape is sage with bright red in the middle and embroidery designs of various different colors. It is completely made of wool that imparts an amazing warmth and peace to this classic cape. Hence, one who is wrapped in this cape will experience a marvelous feeling of warmth and comfort. 

This old cape also has another major specialty. And this specialty is the story of peacefulness and patience that this rug depicts. The best thing about the old and vintage capes is that their designs and symbols engrave wonderful stories in them and so does this spectacular selham.

The symbols depict the story of patience and positivity that leads a human to the real path of peace. All the life a person in search of peace and inner happiness works stressfully but forget that the real peace and joy is within that comes from patience and positivity.

And this is what this delightful akhnif cape tells all about. The same feeling you can experience by having the pleasure of wearing this berber cape. And, with our store available at your fingertips and service which is so fast, this can be done now.

Hence, hurry up and order this stunning and peaceful vintage selham today.

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Moroccan cape from Michael on Vimeo.


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