Moroccan black cape, Vintage cape, Akhnif,
Moroccan black cape, Vintage cape, Akhnif,
Moroccan black cape, Vintage cape, Akhnif,

Moroccan black cape, Vintage cape, Akhnif,

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For many of use, we just like to have few specific colors in our life which are enough to fill our lives with joy and happiness. For us, all that matters is the delightful presence of these colors in a comforting manner spreading joy and peacefulness all around.

With this amazing thought, this exclusive Moroccan cape has been designed that is mostly comprised of three colors which are black, red and green. This is a plain solid vintage cape with a very little embroidery. This beautiful cape is the perfect example of what people nowadays call “simple and sober”.

This berber cape is made with the best quality wool found in Morocco. Natural dyes are used to color this rug that imparts a great beauty to this authentic cape making it exceptionally beautiful. Also, this is the amazing magic of these dyes only, that this old cape is free from all sorts of color and cloth bleeding problems.

Also, this Moroccan selham is easily washable and one does not need to worry about maintaining the integrity of this phenomenal cape. The two long edges of the cape are embroidered with horizontal thin and long lines that make a very peaceful and bright appearance on this cape.

These orange lines do the work of cherry on the top of a cake giving this akhnif cape an even more pleasing and attractive look. One will really feel honorable and happy on wrapping oneself inside this beautiful Moroccan selham.

At our stores this vintage cape is available in perfectly fine condition from ancient Morocco and is ready to please you with its amazing warmth and comfort. So, hurry up and order this cape exclusively from our store today.

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Moroccan cape from Michael on Vimeo.


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