Benefits and Symbolism of Berber Rugs

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Benefits and Symbolism of Berber Rugs

There are many advantages to a Berber rug. The looped piles supply is extra cushioning underfoot and the carpet's texture allows it to be easily vacuumed. Some of the common reasons humans choose this sort of rug consist of its sturdiness and symbolic that means. Whether you select a patterned or a plain patterned berber carpet, it is positive to present your room an elegant look. If you are in the market for a brand new rug, study directly to analyze more approximately those traits.

Low pile

While a traditional pile carpet is normally much greater pricey than a Low pile Berber rug, many clients locate them to be a super value. They also are long lasting and last for 5 to 10 years. These rugs are made with unique substances.

berber rug low pile

Azilal rugs are colorful medium-pile pieces that take their call from the Azilal province in Morocco. They are often loosely knotted and function irregular line drawings. These rugs are frequently made with cotton or wool yarn and feature vibrant base hues. The Azilal rug became firstly made for household use, because it functions as a blanket and a bed spread. They had been made for masses of years, and are still in high demand these days.

The Berber series takes its thought from Moroccan carpets and reinterprets them using color. The herbal satisfactory wools used for the Berber collection are dyed with vegetable dyes, making them lengthy-lasting. The low pile Berber rug is to be had in numerous shades and sizes, and you can also order them in any custom size. If you want a more conventional Berber rug, you could additionally order a low pile version with a patterned design.
moroccan azilal rug

Regular vacuuming isn't vital for a Berber carpet. Regular cleaning may not be sufficient to preserve your carpet looking its best. A vacuum with a powerhead and beater bars can snag the pile and tear loose strands. To avoid snagging, without a doubt switch to a decrease powerhead or disable the beater bar alternative. This will keep away from needless pressure and strain. And in case you're going to hoover the Berber carpet frequently, make certain to turn off the beater bar choice.

Symbols of femininity

Symbols of femininity are widely seen inside the designs of Berber carpets, and they will also be part of your own home's decor. For instance, the diamond-shape, which regularly resembles a watch, represents safety from horrific luck. Two triangles, then again, represent plants, while stars constitute feminine beauty. Other symbols may include a teapot in profile, a symbol of hospitality and conviviality. A diamond-shaped pattern may additionally represent a wedding ring, a comb is for weaving, and a Berber cross is a reminder of the architecture of the Kasbah.

The design language of Berber rugs is complex and complete of which means. These rugs are based at the duality of men and women. Each image represents a factor of a Berber woman's existence, from her birth to the time she spends in menstruation. These rugs additionally constitute the life of a Berber girl.

Colors of a Berber rug can inform a story and represent many things. It may be a symbol of fertility or a holy character with magical abilities. Or it could constitute a sense of balance and protection. It might also also be symbolic of some thing that happened to the weaver during her existence. Symbols of femininity may be extensive to someone's life and can also upload value to a home.handmade azilal rugs

The design of a Moroccan rug represents the author's character and beliefs. Many Berber rugs are clearly copies of Indian rugs. While the fashion may additionally appear distinctive than the designs in an Indian rug, the Berber tribes tended to live in isolated communities, in which that they had restricted opportunities to express themselves. The rugs they invent speak volumes about the girls who create them. This is a charming element of Moroccan culture, and you can find them in quaint workshops and rural houses across the Middle Atlas.


When comparing the durability of Berber rugs, you should first bear in mind the cloth. Modern Berber carpets are crafted from quite a few substances. Those produced in Morocco are called Contemporary rug and preserve the authentic weaving strategies. They are made with wool and are sealed with a purple wax signal to prove their nice. However, some patterns are made from a mixture of those materials.

contemporary rug

The loop creation of a Berber carpet is quite vulnerable to snagging. While a snag may be small, it may motive the carpet to unravel. It may take a considerable amount of force to rip a single loop from a Berber carpet. If the loops are larger, they're greater susceptible to matting. On the alternative hand, smaller loops will not reason this problem. Hence, Berber carpets are not perfect for excessive traffic areas.

Another function of Berber carpet is that it is not as smooth as cut pile carpets. While some Berbers are tender, others are difficult. However, manufacturers are running to solve this issue. Kilim rug collection, as an instance, is crafted from low fiber.. A Berber carpet is not handiest lovely, however it also has an interesting records.

The contemporary definition of Berber consists of extra versions than ever. A berber carpet may be flecked or strong, and may actually have more than one degrees of loops. The definition does no longer say an awful lot about the overall performance of a Berber carpet, however it does inform you its style. The size and density of the loops will have an effect on its toughness to a degree. This way that you may expect your new carpet to remaining for years.


The symbolism of Berber rug is a fascinating way to learn about the culture of Morocco. These rugs depict important existence occasions and represent fertility,  and safety. As social companions, they tell the tale of important lifestyles events and protect the human spirit. Women weave carpets with patterns and symbols referring to fertility and womanhood, and are usually those who decide what motifs are on their rugs. For example, a carpet with most effective woman symbols indicates that the woman is of marriageable age.

Many of the motifs utilized in Berber rugs have non secular and sexual that means. Among these are the women, men, and babies. The women of the Berber tribe are also known to apply symbols to carry their emotions. These motifs often depict the ladies's body and existence. Women are especially pleased with the truth that they could paint on their rugs with their hands, illustrating their spirituality. Symbolism of Berber rug is a way of life for girls and has been handed down from generation to generation. Moroccan berber rug

One pattern that suggests a girl's beauty is a partridge-eye motif. This is a representation the safety , and the partridge represents the lady's beauty. In addition to the bird, the partridge is also believed to symbolize Baraka, a spirit or force that protects the human soul. Baraka may be observed in humans, places, and bodily items. The weaver's lifestyles changed into also primarily based around the illustration of the lion.

The Berber rugs are manufactured from 100% herbal wool. Because Berbers lack written language, they needed to include ancestral myths into their textiles. This is why they have numerous symbols, starting from geometric to summary. The symbols on Berber rugs range from one weaver to the subsequent. They can be very intricate, but the underlying that means of the designs continues to be recognizable. And despite the fact that Berber rugs may also seem primitive, they are beautiful.


Modern interiors will benefit from Moroccan rugs. Their earth tones and dense pile make them an appealing choice to include into their decor scheme. They look especially appealing in open areas with monochromatic furniture. However, choosing the right size for your room is important for developing the favored effect. Here are some suggestions for choosing a Moroccan rug. The design of the rug will decide its characteristic and appearance. While most of the rugs are meant for use for the duration of a room, a few patterns won't work well in smaller spaces..

Moroccan rug pink

The Beni M'Guild tribe in Morocco designed a Berber blanket, that is woven with the conventional Berber Knot and is crafted from excessive thread count. Similarly, Berber rug styles are characterized by easy geometric paperwork, illustrating geometric bureaucracy. These rugs are a splendid addition to any room in your house, whether you are seeking out a decorative accessory or an area rug to your dwelling room.

Because Berber rugs are tribal and spontaneous, they replicate the tastes and weather of each tribe. Some tribal rugs, just like the Azilal rugs of Morocco's high Atlas Mountains, tell stories thru their colorations, whilst others are more diffused. These hand-knotted rugs usually characteristic a neutral base shade and are fabricated from natural wool. The brightly colored wool is dyed from plant life inside the place. And while Moroccan Berber rugs are undying, they stay simply as famous as they had been again in the mid-twentieth century.