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Vintage berber rug

Tips for Buying your Vintage Berber Rug

Berber rugs are unique treasures in Moroccan culture Berbers have been used for a long time by Berber tribes and thus are still popular in most decorative and interior styles, inside and outside Morocco.
Moroccan decor rugs

Moroccan decor rugs , Ideas for Home

Decorating your home should be a way to express your creativity, for that reason you have to be very careful and taking your time to get the close...
How to choose the perfect Moroccan rug for your living room ?

How to choose the perfect Moroccan rug for your living room ?

Moroccan rugs are getting more popular, many interior decor designers choose to add a chic artisanal touch,so they choose Berber rugs handwoven and conceived by women of Berber tribes.
Vintage berber rugs


Moroccan rugs, the canvas of the indigenous history of morocco, a wide range of carpets adorned by symbols and patterns that reflects the identity, woven with passion and the ultimate pride of belonging.
Why berber rugs?

Why berber rugs?

The berber rugs use a language of simple geometric shapes to express the stories and phenomena of rural Berber lives such as nature to spirituality ... Beni ourain rugs , Boucherouite rugs ,  Moroccan rugs , Berber carpets   

 Designs and Authenticity of Beni Ourain rug

Designs and Authenticity of Beni Ourain rug

There are many Moroccan rugs in Moroccan markets or even in different parts of the world, but if you are looking for authentic Moroccan carpets ... Beni ourain rugs , berber rugs , boucherouite rug , azilal rugs
Berber Wedding Blanket

Why Berber wedding blanket?

For the Berbers, the fabric of the pool, or the Berber wedding blanket, is not only the warmth and decoration of the bride, but also to ward off evil and give fertility and good luck to the newlyweds... Moroccan blankets , Berber rugs , Beni ourain rugs , White moroccan rug , Handmade marrakech rugs
Moroccan rugs

Some famous types of Moroccan carpets

The Kingdom of Morocco ranks first in the textile industry in Africa , What made Morocco top of this list is the cultural and religious diversity that Morocco's history has known ... Moroccan rugs , Boucherouite rugs , Beni ourain rugs , Atlas rugs , Berber rugs
Moroccan berber rugs

Traditional and modern Berber rugs

A small look at the Berber rugs from Morocco ,The origins of the Berber carpet date back to the paleolithic era. for centuries, carpets are made according to the same traditions, on the same types of looms. Moroccan rugs , Beni ourain rugs , Boucherouite rug

History of moroccan berber rugs

History of moroccan berber rugs

Moroccan carpets are hand-woven carpets and textiles in Morocco. Carpets have been woven by the indigenous people of Morocco since the Paleolithic. Moroccan rugs , Vintage berber rugs , Atlas rugs , Beni ourain rugs 

moroccan rugs marrakech

Buy moroccan rugs in marrakech

Everyone become in problem when seeing authentic Moroccan rugs front of the eyes , because you couldn't resist their aesthetics ...

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4 reasons why you should bring a atlas rug home

4 reasons why you should bring a atlas rug home

Atlas rug designed by the tribes in atlas mountains is a mesmerizing beauty from Morocco that looks amazing in home & living .... Moroccan rugs , Berber rugs , Boucherouite rugs , Beni ourain rugs