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The art of the Moroccan Berber carpet

The carpet has always been an essential element of human life. If the oldest traces go back only to 2500 years, in the regions of China and Iran, i...
Buying a Berber Rug From Morocco

Buying a Berber Rug From Morocco

It is good to decorate your home in Moroccan berber style. It looks rich and luxurious and is also highly comforting at the same time. The best part is that in Moroccan berber rugs ...
Ethnic Moroccan Berber rugs from the heart of the Atlas Mountains made from sheep wool by women berber

Berber rugs from the heart of the Atlas Mountains

Let's not hide it anymore, the Ethnic berber rugs are essential and modern! We can see this in decoration salons, in photos on Instagram or Pinterest.
Moroccan rugs in interior design

Different Woven Moroccan Berber rug in interior decoration

Specialized in interior decoration, we provide you with a wide range of Berber rugs. This rustic accessory comes from the Middle Atlas. The Moroccan rug .......
How do you choose your moroccan rug - berber carpet

How do you choose your moroccan rug - berber carpet

... The third most important thing is to choose Moroccan rug. There are many reasons for choosing a hand woven rug, such as : ...
Marrakech rugs

Buying moroccan berber rugs in morocco

It's been a while since the Berber style carpet trend has invaded online stores and decoration stores. For my part, I love Berber carpets for a long time, it goes back as far as when I lived in Morocco 9 years ago.
Moroccan rugs in San Francisco

Moroccan rugs in San Francisco

Making the best interior design choices is no longer going to be something which can make you feel cringing. It must be something which can let you have a sense of pride and accomplishmen..,
moroccan rug beni ourain carpets

Beni ourain rug by weavers from atlas mountains

The Beni ourain rugs knowing by its fluffy texture adorned by the motifs combined and shaped on asymmetric patterns of diamonds,...
moroccan berber rug

Berber women and carpets

In the Moroccan rural world of the Middle Atlas, it is said of a Berber woman that she is distant, secret and sometimes confined to her home. Tradi...
berber carpets

Real berber carpets, Vintage berber rugs

Old and real Berber carpets Berber carpets, an original piece considered as such art, are handmade in Moroccan textile tradition, according to know...
Moroccan rugs wool

How moroccan rugs are made?

The Moroccan rugs are a perfect addition to the interior design it offers elegance and contemporary style, ... colors warm and homogenous from vibrant to neutral, a handmade creation, woven by the women of Berber tribs, each kind of Berber rugs ...
How To Buy The Perfect Moroccan Living Room Rug?

How To Buy The Perfect Moroccan Living Room Rug?

The living room is the heartbeat of the house. It's the centerpiece of the family, a room where your family strengthens ties and relaxes. It's a sp...