beni ourain carpet

Beni ourain rugs - berber carpets Authentic to all interior styles

Real beni ourain rug is hand-woven by Berber women from the central mountains of Morocco. It only consists of high-quality pure wool, sometimes white wool, and sometimes beige, gray or brown wool, and its natural color varies according to sheep's wool. No color added!

A thick, resistant and dense brown carpet, silky wool, a timeless and timeless Berber rug! There are never any bad surprises with an authentic brown rug of purebred rug.

beni ourain rug

100% handmade rug !

The Moroccan Beni Ourain rug , designed years ago by Moroccan Berber tribal women in the atlas, was designed to counter the harsh winter in this Moroccan region, even before it was considered a decorative piece of art. Blanket, mattress or even insulation in berber tents. The whole family can sleep on it, which explains its relatively large area.


berber area rug


Beni ourain berber carpets

A berber rug perfect for a warm winter and cocoon!
Prepare for the winter, personalize your interior with a high-quality personalized rug! With all the delicacy, it will bring the authentic and personal Ben Ouarain Berber rug to your living space. No need to wear your big winter socks, and your feet will be thankful for the softness and warmth due to the thick and silky wool! Choose a warm, warm atmosphere for moments of relaxation or family!

moroccan trellis rug

Forget the tradition that may disappoint you in the long run !

At Passion Berber all Ben Ouarain Berber rugs are unique and ancient pieces, handcrafted by Berber women from Morocco, made entirely of wool without any other synthetic materials. All our barbarian cigarettes are certified and selected according to the standards we impose on ourselves to ensure that we offer you old, unique and durable pieces!


white moroccan rug
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