How is an authentic Beni Ourain rug made?

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How is an authentic Beni Ourain rug made?

Beni Ourain rug is the first choice for many human beings in relation to domestic decoration. Its fascinating beauty and heat make it ideal for domestic decoration. Speaking of those exclusive and very lovely carpets, humans have many questions about the history and origin of these carpets.beni ourain made


Beni ourain making of 

 This specific system starts with the acquisition of wool. Source of personal sheep from the mountains of Morocco. They then assembled the sheep for natural wool. After that, the wool of sheep should be cleaned. Otherwise, it incorporates natural oils.
making beni ourain rug

Wool yarn

Then the wool is woven. This spinning method transforms wool. Wraps the fibers collectively and makes yarn. Wool is woven into yarns that are perfect for material. The vein and deformations are then organized. When buying a Berber rug, you'll always know that the warp is made of 100% herbal wool.
moroccan wool

Spinning rug
The subsequent part of the rug-making procedure is spinning. This is where you may see the proper competencies of artisans. Our rugs are woven with a small weft between knots. Why are we doing this? It creates a truly dense carpet.

Dyeing and trimming

Before the carpet is finished, the sample is dyed with herbal pigments. They are then cut from the loom and trimmed. The lint is reduced with unique scissors. This is finished to make sure that the stack period is well known in length.

Final steps
During the last few spinning months, the authentic wool becomes grimy. It is also tough to connect to the loom. This is why carpets are washed and dried once more. Wash the rug two to three times more to make certain it's far easier. Sometimes we wash them more than 3 times before they're ready for clients. Then right here's the last step. We allow every Berber carpet to dry evidently underneath warm sunlight.


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