How moroccan rugs are made?

by Ismail Rayan

The Moroccan rugs are a perfect addition to the interior design it offers elegance and contemporary style, with its perfect texture and impressive colors warm and homogenous from vibrant to neutral, a handmade creation, woven by the women of Berber tribs, each kind of Berber rugs it's characterized by specific shapes and motifs that refer to the Beliefs of tribal population.
the process of the making of these tribal rugs requires about 2 months of work and concentration, woven with natural and soft elements and basically from the wool of best sheeps of atlas mountains, to procure high quality and soft wool they sheer the selected ones, the next step consists on cleaning it then let it dry naturally under the sun. the transformation of wool consists of handspun, twisted into threads that's will make it soft and ready to be used.

How moroccan rugs are made?

from yarning to the knotting step, where you can be impressed by the real artistic talents of the craftspeople, it takes a long time and a great effort and precision.

 Moroccan rug handmade

the Moroccan rug is recognized by it wild range and multicolors that characterize it, a canvas of many shades of colors that enchant and catch the eyes, the patterns and motifs are dyeing by natural dyes and trimmed by some specific scissors used especially for this pratic.
at the end, when the rugs are completed they are washed for more than one time then let them dry nat



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