Moroccan rug 100% Wool

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Moroccan rug 100% Wool

People everywhere in the world love Moroccan rugs. The Berber tribe is responsible for their identity. Berber tribes excel at weaving these rugs by hand.
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Moroccan berber rugs are crafted from the wool of a specific species of sheep located on the Atlas Mountains. Because of their awesome capabilities and pleasing designs, they are not unusual among many human beings.

Why is a Moroccan rug special with 100 % wool?

Let's check out some of the traits that distinguish Moroccan Berber rugs.

Wool species

The sort of gasoline utilized in Moroccan rugs appears to be the sector's greatest present. It is 100% natural wool from a selected breed of sheep. The wool for Moroccan rugs is regularly stated to be harvested from the sheep's head because it carries deep brown wool that is very special and unusual.

  • This wool has a cute and mild feel to it. Because of its sensitive and gentle texture, no one can avoid using the Moroccan rug.
  • Moroccan wool is remarkably long-lasting, reliable, elastic, and resilient. More than the majority of carpet fibers.
  • Wool has a herbal crimp within the threads that helps it withstand heavy pressure and footfall, similar to a coil spring. As a result, wool carpets hold their presence for a longer time.
  • Moroccan rug wool is a remarkable insulator. In the ice, it keeps your room warm, and in the summer, it allows you to maintain your room cool. They have a natural potential to manipulate the humidity in your home because of their unique chemical structure. It is fully alive.



When the weather is humid, wool keeps moisture from the air and releases it when it's miles dry. Improved air quality and a more comfortable domestic ecosystem are benefits of air absorption. This is finished without being damp or bloodless to touch.

You can use it in different places:

Moroccan woolen rugs are a material that can hold up to quite a few foot visitors. Living quarters, hallways, entryways, dining rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens are only some of the regions where you could position them.

However, there are certain regions they can keep away from, including the bathroom and the outdoors. What is the reasoning behind this? The reason behind that is that if wool isn't dried as quickly as feasible, it can soak up too much moisture, causing the best degradation. Furthermore, excessive exposure to daylight will fade the wool's color dye.

  • The rugs are soil-resistant.

Moroccan rug Wool has an integrated resistance to soiling. This is due to the fact that it's miles a defensive layer that collects dust in the carpet pile's top reaches. The dust is easily extracted thanks to this selection. Wool responds properly to washing due to the fact that moisture causes the fibers to swell and release dust.


Conclusion : 

The benefits of wool rugs were mentioned previously. Moroccan rugs are made entirely of 100% natural wool. Buying a Moroccan rug will provide you with all the above benefits.

Moroccan rugs are undeniably manufactured from the purest wool, which is extraordinarily tough to return with the aid of everywhere in the world. You need to no longer pass up the opportunity to purchase the sort of high-priced and cushty Moroccan rugs made of 100% wool.