Moroccan Rugs - A Unique Craft to Bring Beauty and Warmth to a Room

Moroccan Rugs - A Unique Craft to Bring Beauty and Warmth to a Room

A moroccan rug is not just any type of rug; it is an important part of Moroccan culture and design. Historically, moroccan rugs were hand-woven by the amazigh indigenous peoples of Morocco as the first weaving technologies. Historically, these rugs were woven for utility rather than for aesthetic purposes. Now a days, moroccan rugs provide an ethnic and decorative look to any room in your home, regardless of the style or decorating scheme used. The texture and exotic patterns available today make it easy to incorporate the beauty of the past into your own decorating.

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Moroccans are a proud people and their culture is reflected in their art and crafts including the moroccan rug. They have made some of the finest rugs in the world and that reputation is why you will find rugs from Morocco being sold as antique pieces throughout the world. If you want to add the beauty of moroccan rug weaving into your home, it is simple to find one online.

When searching for a moroccan rug, there are several things to consider. First, how thick is the pile? How high is the pile? What base material is the rug made from? This information will help you determine the thickness and quality of the rug.

A thick pile can make a big difference in the appearance of a moroccan rug. Berber rugs tend to be the highest quality rugs in the world. They are made by the Berber ethnic group of Morocco and are known for their thick, luxurious finishes. Berber rugs by other ethnic groups can also provide high quality, colorful displays.

Many of the world-famous furniture designers originated in or near morocco. Their handmade creations are available around the world and often displayed in galleries and museums. Because of their unique designs, many are considered works of art. There is a lot of interest in these handmade moroccan rugs and furniture because their appearance is distinctive and their patterns are intricate. Although many are impressed with their beauty, they are not as valuable as the craftsmanship behind them. The unique patterns and textures are what draw the eye, making one-of-a-kind rugs even more valuable.

There are two main types of moroccan rugs-the woven or knotted and the needlework. Both are very fine-grained and look beautiful when displayed on the walls. The woven rugs were typically handmade by women from the rural areas of morocco using natural fibers such as wool, silk, or cotton, and these may vary greatly in pattern, size, and age. In addition, both knotted and woven rugs come in a variety of colors, usually drawn from the natural dyes of plants grown in the arid regions of morocco.

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HandKnotted moroccan rugs generally have floral or geometric patterns made by braiding the threads of plant fiber. The knots may be simple, intricate, or decorative. Tribal artwork may also be incorporated in the designs. Some of these rugs may have motifs from nature, especially birds, turtles, frogs, and flowers.

A special type of moroccan rug is the one woven from wool obtained from the wool of Beni Ourain tribe members. Each family owned their own sheep and while the family heeds to the economic requirements of trading with other tribes, the production is high-quality. These rugs feature colorful tribal designs and are extremely durable. They are woven from pure virgin wool and they have a natural shine due to the presence of natural oils. The texture of this rug is somewhat rough, which provides a comfortable surface to sit on.

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