Moroccan Rugs Are Beautiful Decorating Pieces

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Moroccan Rugs Are Beautiful Decorating Pieces

A classic Beni Ourain Moroccan rug is synonymous with elegance, richness and style. This type of rugs have been in vogue since the 16th century when they were introduced to Europe by the Berber people of Morocco. Their design has evolved over the centuries, from the stick-like wools that had arches and decorative centers to more modern designs that feature loops and pile. They are made from wool fibers obtained from sheep that have been tilled and then dyed in darker shades of brown, yellow and camel. Traditionally, Beni Ourains were used as floor coverings and as wall tapestries, but more recently designers have given them as great decorative pieces that can be put in different rooms of your house.

Moroccan area rug

Moroccan Beni Ourain Rugs are characterized by a simplistic, geometric design which suits almost any decorating scheme, even if the walls are going through an antique style. Although there are several classic colors like red, blue and green, the most popular geometric design is white. This color is rich and inviting, which is why these carpets have become the standard for Moroccan furniture in the modern households. These rugs have a calming effect that enhances the colors of most decors.

The Moroccan west elm rugs consist of floral patterns in varying shades that usually go with the predominant colors of a room. In addition, there are large patches of white that symbolize peace and quiet in a home. The most common geometric design is the basket-weave style which consists of a single, parallel strand of warp yarn with round edges. These wools are obtained from sheep in Moroccan tribes

If you're looking for a Moroccan berber rug price range, it's possible to get rugs in any of the four price ranges starting from low price to mid-range. The rugs in this category are soft and comfortable, and they look great as interior design accessories. Some of these wools may be treated with chemical dyes and some may be coated with polyester. The price will depend on the quality of the wool, the processing methods, the pattern and its construction.

The living room is where you receive guests, so your living room should reflect the atmosphere you want to create. The Moroccan decor trends of today include traditional furniture with clean lines, but there's no reason why you should limit yourself to just traditional elements. Moroccan home decor accessories include modern rugs that match the colors of the walls, furniture and lighting. You may use boucherouite rug or a azilal rug for your living space.

Moroccan decor rug

The rugs woven in the atlas mountains tend to be made by women because the men were not allowed to touch them. Therefore, they had to make them themselves to protect their families from harm. When you buy a moroccan rug, it's possible to buy one that was handmade in the atlas mountains or made by local women. Although the colors will be similar to those available in other areas, the texture, beauty and quality of the product is different and you can choose a moroccan rug in any of the atlas mountains.

To complete the look of your room and to get the most out of your new moroccan rug, you should consider where it goes first. You'll probably want to put it on the floor as the main piece of furniture so that guests can admire it and you can show it off in an appropriate manner. Since it is on the floor, you need to be sure that it fits perfectly. To ensure that it does, measure the area where it goes and then take a stool or chair that you can use. Place the stool in the middle of the area with the rug and measure how far that ends at. You should then be able to place the rug exactly where you need it to go.