Moroccan rugs have different types

Moroccan rugs have different types

Types of Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs have been hand-woven since the Paleolithic era. Originally, the tribal people of the region woven rugs for utility, not for decoration. As such, they have an ancient and incredibly rich history. Today, Moroccan rugs are among the most popular types of rugs for homes.

Morocco rug


Boucherouite rugs are unique, colorful rugs with Moroccan roots. These rugs were created by artisans from the Altas Mountains in Morocco. They are made using 100% recycled wool and genuine  wool. If you're interested in purchasing one of these Moroccan floor coverings, you can find them online or in a Moroccan rug store.

These rugs were originally created by women in the Berber tribe and are designed for family use. These rugs also feature symbolic designs. The women that weave them follow ancient traditions and beliefs. They make these rugs to cover their expensive woolen carpets. These rugs are comfortable for sitting, preparing food, and for babies and children. They're also used as a saddle cover, making them a practical choice for any home.

This type of Moroccan rug has a fascinating history. The women of the different tribes created these rugs by using scrap pieces of old textiles. The word boucherouite, translated from Moroccan Arabic, means "piece torn from pre-used clothes". This type of rug was originally created from scraps of fabrics and is made from recycled materials.


A Taznakht Moroccan rug is a beautiful, hand-woven Moroccan rug. This type of carpet is known for its rich colors and geometric motifs. These rugs are hand-woven in the Moroccan town of Taznakht, in the South of Morocco. They are traditionally made from wool from the Berber people and recycled yarn from clothing. The resulting rugs are extremely dense and have an elegant pile texture.

The Taznakht area of Morocco is known for its high-quality wool and exquisite designs, and these carpets are known for their quality. The town of Taznakht is located in the southern province of Ouarzazate. This area is known for its artisanal production and is one of the main cradles of this type of artisanal production. There are several points of production in this region, each with its own distinctive character.


The R'Bati Moroccan rug is a beautiful and elegant piece of floor covering. Its complex patterns and language reflect the rich and fascinating Berber culture. Its symbols reference the natural world, femininity, rural life, and spirituality. The weavers of this type of rug believed that it had protective powers.

The design of this rug is very distinctive and can transform a room into a luxury setting. This piece of art is made by Berbers, and its intricate weave will complement the furnishings of almost any room. It is also possible to customize the size of the rug, and it's a great way to support local artisans.

Whether you're decorating your living room or bedroom, this piece will add a touch of class to your room. The soft color and luxurious pile height of this rug will make it look inviting. Its delicate Moroccan styling is sure to inspire. The trendy tan color is a great option as it evokes a feeling of relaxation and serenity.


The Azilal Moroccan rug is a handmade carpet that is created in the central province of Morocco. These rugs typically feature colorful Berber designs on a white background. They are often made of wool or cotton and have a low pile. Each rug has a unique story to tell and is carefully hand-selected.

These beautiful rugs are handmade by Berber women who are known for their exquisite skill. Many of these rugs take months or years to complete. They are considered an investment piece because they are made to last for decades and can be passed down to your children. Azilal rugs are also a wonderful way to add an ethnic touch to your home decor.

Azilal rugs come in several shapes, including rectangular, square, and round. These rugs are made with a high level of craftsmanship and are often woven by traditional artisans in Morocco. They are renowned for their intricate designs and vivid colors.

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