Real berber carpets, Vintage berber rugs

by Ismail Rayan

Old and real Berber carpets

Berber carpets, an original piece considered as such art, are handmade in Moroccan textile tradition, according to know-how and weaving technology transferred from generation to generation.

berber carpets


The art of making Berber carpets

The manufacture of Berber rugs requires mastery of the loom and careful processing of raw materials: sheep wool turns into yarn and decorated with natural colors and geometric or abstract patterns.

berber rug


Outstanding selection criteria

symbolic in their patterns and colors, are true and authentic evidence of the cultural diversity and creativity of Berber communities in Morocco.


Unique and handmade objects

Specializing in the sale of decorative Berber pieces: carpets, pillows, ethnic jewelry, pottery, ceramics, antiques, Moroccan doors ... Berbers choose a passion for unique and perfectly crafted pieces of Moroccan handicrafts.


Support the experience of Berber communities

All our moroccan rug have been carefully designed by passionate Moroccan craftsmen and a testimony to the special knowledge "Made in Morocco" which gives each piece an original value.

For original decoration and unique decoration

Since it is necessary to feel comfortable at home, beautify your home and decorate your garden with authentic traditional pieces to make your environment a warm and unique place to live.

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