West Meets East: Styles of Moroccan Rugs

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West Meets East: Styles of Moroccan Rugs

From the souks of Marrakech to flea-market unearths, Moroccan rugs are a have to-have item in any worldwide style fanatic's home. But what makes these portions so special? Their potential to seize each Eastern and Western design beliefs in one purposeful, stunning object.

Whether you are an experienced collector or simply seeking out a fun manner to add texture and pattern to any area, Moroccan carpets constitute a unique combination of impacts. In this guide, we will dive into the charming history at the back of Morocco's specific style of rug weaving—and how it is continuously developed to grow to be the cherished assertion piece it is today.

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Moroccan rugs

Introduction to Moroccan Rugs: Styles and Origins

If you're searching out a unique and timeless manner to beautify your property, have you ever considered Moroccan rugs? These vibrant pieces are a mix of East and West, combining conventional Middle Eastern rug making with Berber affects.

Moroccan rugs are traditionally made from wool, silk, or both, and might include geometric designs or precise colorful styles. From the conventional Beni Ourain to the bolder Marrakesh style, there may be something for each flavor! Not to say that they will ultimate an entire life—in some instances they could even be passed down via generations.

So in which do these brilliant portions come from? Many of them are handmade with the aid of artisans inside the Middle Atlas mountains of Morocco. There is no need to fear approximately their authenticity both; as Moroccan artisans generally tend to stick intently to standard weaving strategies which have been practiced because the 16th century. Whether they feature Moorish motifs or contemporary zeitgeists, every of those unique works of artwork is sure to present your home a touch of timeless splendor!

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Here Comes the Bride: Vintage Moroccan Berber Rugs

Moroccan Berber rugs are a time-commemorated style of rug weaving that has been practiced through the nomadic tribes of the Atlas Mountains for centuries. While they’re a mainstay in Moroccan interior layout, each current and vintage, they’re additionally a famous choice for the ones seeking to upload an global flair to their domestic decor.

Because Berber rugs use conventional, hand-spun wool in their construction, every is unique and one-of-a-kind. These pieces frequently feature complicated designs incorporating both geometric shapes and floral motifs that lead them to attractive from any perspective. They also have a tendency to be extremely durable and long-lasting, so your investment will go the gap!

Finally, due to their conventional look, vintage Moroccan Berber rugs are getting increasingly famous as wedding ceremony décor. With its sophisticated style, colorful colorations, and ambitious prints, this sort of rug makes for an unforgettable backdrop for the maximum vital day of your lifestyles!

To the Beat of a Different Drum: Beni Ourain Rugs

You may not assume it, however Moroccan rugs are available all shapes, sizes and patterns much like everywhere else in the world. One of the most popular types is the Beni Ourain rug, which is crafted from wool and features geometric diamond patterns.

These rugs have a deep records and are closely associated with symbolism. Their diamond shapes represent concord and balance, even as the sheep motif usually featured on those rugs is thought to carry blessings and true good fortune to those who've them.

Beni Ourain rugs are also referred to for his or her softness. They’re normally thicker than different Moroccan rug patterns—we’re talking 3-four cm thick—and feature long strands of wool that provide each consolation and heat on your ft. Plus, they’re fantastically long lasting too, so you may be positive your Beni Ourain rug will last for many years to come back.

Interior Design That’s Hot, Hot, Hot: Boucherouite Rugs

Moroccan boucherouite rugs offer a completely unique, extraordinary touch to any home. These rugs are crafted with shiny and ambitious hues, commonly incorporating vivid oranges, yellows and pinks. The rug’s usual pattern is normally made from various geometric shapes and stripes. The look of those rugs can range from current to folkloric, relying at the individual fashion of the artist.

Materials Used

Boucherouite rugs are crafted from recycled fabrics inclusive of old apparel, blankets or curtains instead of the wool and cotton used for traditional hand-knotted Moroccan rugs. This makes them more sustainable with the aid of lowering fabric waste in landfills and allows to reduce production expenses.

Versatile Usage

Boucherouite rugs may be used anywhere within the domestic as they're light-weight, long lasting and smooth to move round. Since it’s easy to smooth and keep, it is able to be used outdoor across the pool or patio location or as a wall hanging that adds a stunning contact of vibrant colour to the room.. It is likewise an outstanding communique piece – ideal for folks that love exceptional décor elements that stand proud of preferred decorating styles.

The brilliant hues and particular patterns of Boucherouite rugs make them ideal for growing a comforting environment in any room in your property. Plus, with its versatility you may not have any hassle finding one which suits your personal fashion!

Time-Tested Patterns: Kilim & Azilal Rugs

Kilim and Azilal are of the most famous, time-tested styles of Moroccan rugs.


Kilim rugs are recognized for their geometric designs and bright colors. The key to Kilim’s fascinating design is within the weaving—the threads aren't knotted but rather interlocked with each different. As a result, the flat weave lets in for complicated styles, that would be hard to make with knotted rugs. Kilims can be observed in almost any coloration possible, all waiting to healthy your décor style.


Azilal rugs have a distinct tribal look, with deep earthy tones, excessive symbolism and excessive-low pile shape. Each rug capabilities a unique pattern that draws on ancient Berber culture and symbolism—from stars to arrows and skulls—all created although a mix of wool, cotton and goat hair. And similar to Kilim Rugs, Azilal carpets come in numerous sizes to suit your needs.

All in all, there's an kilim or azilal rug accessible which could absolutely spice up your residing room or bedroom even as bringing a unique story along with it!

Modern Moroccan Rug Trends

You won't understand this, however modern-day Moroccan rugs combine a completely unique fusion of color, pattern and texture that you may not find anywhere else. From traditional to trendy designs, what is first-rate about Moroccan rugs is they provide some thing for everyone. Here are a number of the most popular patterns you would possibly stumble upon:

Tribal-fashion Rugs

Tribal-fashion rugs are a wonderful manner to make a statement in any dwelling space. These Moroccan rugs characteristic formidable designs inspired by using nomadic tribes of the Sahara barren region, and feature turn out to be increasingly more famous among designers and house owners alike.

Contemporary Rugs

For those seeking out something a little extra current, cutting-edge Moroccan rugs are a first rate desire. These styles boast geometric styles like squares, diamonds and stripes that create an attention-grabbing finish in any room.

Vintage Rugs

If you are after something greater conventional, antique Moroccan rugs can not be overwhelmed. These antique designs combine brilliant colors with complicated motifs inspired with the aid of ancient Berber cultures—a perfect supplement to any traditional décor scheme.

Each kind of rug has its personal allure, including a touch of subculture and luxury to any domestic or workplace placing. Whether it's modern-day or tribal-fashion design you choose, you're certain to make an impression with a stunning hand made Moroccan rug!


On a larger scale, Moroccan rugs are genuinely a stunning symbol of cultures coming collectively, combining dark and mild affects with a stunning end result. It's a subculture that is nevertheless alive and thriving nowadays, with each rug possessing its personal extraordinary look and personality that captures a unique part of Moroccan way of life and history.
These rugs are coveted pieces in modern-day indoors layout, whether or not used as area rugs or wall hangings, supplying a conventional but timeless look for any domestic. We hope this guide to Moroccan rugs has given you a better information of the special types of rugs to be had and the way each you possibly can bring a unique beauty to your private home.