Where to find the best Wholesale of Berber Carpet?

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Where to find the best Wholesale of Berber Carpet?

Boucherouite Rug focuses on antique hand-knotted Moroccan rugs. We have wide variety of rugs of different kind. We can offer you best rugs with exceptional traditions.

Some of our excellent rugs are given below.

  • Handwoven Kilim
  • Area rugs
  • Pillows
  • beautiful Beni Ourain rugs

We have all of the different range as well. We make sure we keep updating our product list without lowering our exceptional.

Wholesale of Berber rug?

Why should you purchase Beber carpets from us? 

Let's discover some of the tremendous capabilities that you could get by buying Babal carpets from us.

  • We provide the products after getting inspiration from culture

Vintage Berber rugs inspired by the Atlas Mountains' herbal beauty, Tribal Handwoven carpets, and Bohemian Authentic Beni ourain Berber carpets are just a few alternatives. All of our Moroccan rugs are hand-made and inspired by the Moroccan way of life. You can get Berber carpets in various designs reflecting the unique subculture.

We consider the essence of hand-made paintings.

These carpets are crafted with the aid of hand with a super deal of ability and revel in. This distinguishes them from local carpets and adds to their appeal. These carpets are made by means of an entire crew of individuals who consider all of the desires of human beings. Every time they make a rug, they use the most up-to-date strategies and traits, resulting in carpets that are both high-priced and admirable.

We keep improving our designs to offer unique consequences

Berber carpets are to be had in loads of patterns that are both unique and appealing. To lead them to something particular and special, natural fibers and dyes are used. They are available in a wide range of styles and colors, permitting human beings to pick the rug that suits their goals. These rugs are made by people who are very professional at what they do. They recognize the way to weave elegance right into a carpet with their skills and aesthetic experience.

What do our rugs consist of?

Moroccan Berber carpets are crafted from the highest quality wool. They are mild and feature a delicate feel that people enjoy.

  • Wool from sheep : 


Wool is derived from sheep's fleece, making it both robust and uncooked. It has a herbal luster and power that make it ultimate for a long time. Sheep wool is extraordinarily long-lasting, resulting in rugs of notable quality and texture. These carpets are crafted from authentic sheep's fur.

  • Cotton is a natural fiber. 

Soft cotton fiber is often used to improve the consistency of these rugs. Cotton fiber is blended with sheep wool to create a significant result, rendering the rugs soft and one-of-a-kind. Cotton-fiber rugs have a glamorous appearance that is difficult to avoid. Moroccan kilim rugs are prized for their softness and luster.

Final Thoughts :


Boucherouite rugs are a wonderful way to add color and contemporary flavor to your decor; that's surprisingly superb. Each carpet is handcrafted with the aid of Berber tribes and is in contrast to every other rug you will ever personal, making it without a doubt unique. In addition, the Boucherouite rug looks extremely good in any setting.

Their colorful presence has the ability to brighten the entire place. One of the important reasons why these rugs are so unusual around the arena is because of this.