Why You Must Experience Berber Moroccan rugs In Your Lifetime

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Why You Must Experience Berber Moroccan rugs In Your Lifetime

Each country has its original character, which is distinguished by Moroccan rugs .

Moroccan Berber Rugs

Moroccan rugs are distinguished from one region to another, and each region has its own specificity in the production of the rugs. Among them are the "Rabat" Moroccan rugs, The "Zemuriyya" and the great Atlas of the Atlas, known as Taznaget and other provinces, and the "Amazigh" multiplicity of forms.

The latter, like any other Moroccan rugs, is the fruit of the imagination of the Amazigh population. It transcends its utilitarian function, as it is an important element in its cultural and religious environment. In this Moroccan rugs, everything is meaningful and carries many meanings. The colors are significant, and the tribal signs that this product continues to bear are also indicative. The Moroccan rugs woven in various Amazigh tribes are often made of pure wool. They are decorated with simple geometric shapes such as the triangular, rectangle, rectangle, and the squares.


The Atlas of the Great Atlas, the Great Atlas of Zerbi, the Crusades of Morocco, and the eastern Morocco, are all names of the richness and diversity of the Berber Moroccan rugs and in order to reveal each sarcophagus of its origin, it bears the name of the tribe to which it belongs. It is characterized by the precision of its weaving, the consistency of its colors and the decoration of its geometry. This type of moroccan rugs is known as measurements of between 1, 1, 2, 3, and 75 cm in width, and is based on plant products and on two types of red and orange colors. Because each region uses types of wool according to their specificity, and their colors are specific to reflect the nature of this region. The colors are scattered in them: red, natural blue, black, yellow and orange.


The embroidery is made by the patience of the girls who work in traditional Berber Moroccan rugs workshops. And every girl working in the weaving of the carpet, to remember the drawings and colors and maintain their consistency, all under the supervision of the expert supervisor with a great experience called "parameter."


Every Berber Moroccan rug is a painting, with a different expression. The Moroccan rugs are not only a masterpiece, or a tool for daily use, but an expression of the life of a particular region or tribe.

The original Moroccan "carpet" is a charming form of beautiful female hand-craft and traditional craftsmanship in the Kingdom and North Africa because of its ancient history, which carries a wealth of symbols, meanings, and meanings.


The village of the arts of Morocco (Al Walaja) in the city of Salé, in the suburbs of Rabat, is famous for its production and marketing of this beautiful traditional bedding, where the beds are used in traditional houses and decorated and decorated by various families and in various tourist places.

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