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MOROCCAN RUGS are well-known all over the global for their extra special beauty and beautiful seems. These rugs are warm and comforting and possess a spell-binding charm that makes them a classic presence at home or inside the office.

Moroccan area rugs

Moroccan rug history


Antique Moroccan rugs were designed by Berber tribes for the fluctuating weather conditions of Morocco. These tribes used to journey in the Atlas Mountains, the Saharan barren region, and the forests of Morocco. To handle the different climatic conditions, they commenced weaving unique rugs called Berber rugs.

Later on, these rugs gained a reputation among different tribes. Then they have become a medium for passing over unique motifs utilized in a tribe to their following generations. This is why Berber carpets have so many specific styles and designs.


Moroccan rugs history

These embellishments are not simply layout styles but ancient Berber symbols that have held first-rate significance in view of those ancient instances. Even in present-day instances, many humans accept as true that these Berber rugs are a way to preserve the lifestyle of their ancestors.

What are Moroccan rugs made from?


Moroccan carpets are a really perfect addition to indoor design. They provide current elegance with their best texture, heat, and homogeneous colours from vibrant tribal traditions.

The manner of creating those tribal rugs calls for approximately two months of labor and concentration; they're woven with herbal and soft wool elements, particularly from the first-class sheep of the Atlas Mountains. To achieve awesome and gentle wool, simply selected threads are chosen, and the next step is to ease them and then let them dry clearly in the sun. Then twisted wool is made of threads that make it gentle and prepared for use within the yarn.

wool moroccan rugs

It takes a long-term and first-rate deal of effort and precision, from yarning to the knotting step, to be impressed by the actual artistic abilities of the craftspeople.

The Moroccan rug is diagnosed with the aid of its wild variety and multicolor schemes that represent it, in addition to the canvas of many shades of color that enchant and capture the eye. Patterns and motifs are woven the use of natural dyes and the wool is trimmed by means of special scissors used especially for this system.

hand knotted moroccan rug
Finally, while the rugs are finished, they may be washed several times before being dried outside.

Moroccan rugs: Different Styles 


These rugs have won recognition, and that is why humans started out introducing a variety in the design styles of these rugs. Because of the lack of machines in historical instances, these carpets have been home-made.

The smooth and heated texture of these exceptional Berber rugs compelled people to buy an increasing number of rugs. This is how buying and selling in Moroccan rugs quickly have become a prime occupation in Morocco.

moroccan rugs styles
Beni ourain rugs 

Beni Ourain rugs are the primary desire for plenty human beings with regards to domestic decor. Their charming beauty and warmth make them ideal for domestic decor. When talking about these distinctive and very lovely carpets, humans have many questions about their history and origin.

Beni ourain rugsHere we can study the normally requested questions in connection with those rugs and carpets and answer all of them. Beni Ourain rugs, like almost every Moroccan Berber rug, together with the Bohemian rug, Boucherouite rug, etc., have a traditional historical history.

Why these Rugs Were Originally Made?

Classic Beni Ourain rugs and carpets were, at the beginning, designed by the tribes close to the Atlas Mountains to be used as bedspreads and blankets. This was because of the cold climatic conditions close to the mountains.

These tribes in no way used these Berber rugs, like Beni Ourain carpets, for redecorating the flooring of their homes. People used them to cowl themselves and guard themselves from the cold.

Women made those rugs as a way of displaying gratitude for their families. Hence, they made those carpets with numerous feelings of love and affection for them. This changed into the authentic concept behind making these stunning tribal carpets.


Beni ourain rugs

What were the design ideas for these rugs?

The design and embroidery on these Berber rugs were normally easy and abstract. When it comes to Beni Ourain rugs in particular, simplicity has become the key. The concept at the back of their layout was to embroider easy patterns and symbols that held good-sized meaning in historic Moroccan instances.

Boucherouite rugs

Colors bring life to home decor. And, speaking about colors, stunning Boucherouite rugs from Morocco are my precise preference. These colorful rugs are vivid and attractive. They own the power to infuse the entire domestic decor with the best beauty and appeal.
boucherouite rug

If you have a Boucherouite rug in your property decor, there are quite a few ways you could decorate your property. These rugs satisfy their makers. They are elegant and actual. Let us have a look at how these carpets are made and embroidered:

Boucherouite Rugs: Making of 

Berber tribes are well-known for making Boucherouite designs. They are crafted from the leftovers used in making other rugs and carpets. These torn and leftover pieces are then fantastically stitched together, and that looks impressive.

This is why every Boucherouite rug appears honestly precise and trendy. Its texture is filled with enthralling warmth. Having those rugs or carpets in your home or living room is a real pleasure.

Boucherouite Rugs Making of

Tuareg mat rug

African Tuareg mats are products of natural reed and leather. The professionals sew the mat with perfection, and the completion of the carpet is perfect. They are to be had inside the natural sunglasses of reed and camel. Traditionally, Tuareg mats had not been dyed; therefore, vintage Tuareg mats are available in their natural sun shades.

Moroccan kilim rugs 

Moroccan Kilim Rugs are a stunning and charming hand-woven creation, adorned with diagonal motifs and styles and wealthy in colorations. The listing of kilim rugs includes many types that seek advice from distinct regions, Moroccan villages, and tribes, which include:
Azemmour Kilim, Boujad Kilim, Tifelt Kilim, and plenty more. From simple crimson and grey to brilliant and colourful , those rugs upload a modern-day appearance and in shape flawlessly the interior decoration in any room and residing area. Smooth and smooth, they may be woven using a slit-weave method using herbal elements together with exquisite wool, cotton, and other animal hair (horses, camels, or goats).

Moroccan wedding blanket

Perfect texture provides beauty, softness, purity, quietness, and peace. Moroccan wedding ceremony blankets are hand-woven by the family of the bride in Berber tribes. They are used as capes worn by the bride and are taken into consideration as appropriate good fortune for the newlyweds, keeping away evil spirits and providing fertility. It can also be used as a supply of suggestions for indoor decor or as a mattress or pillow cover, adding charm and warmth to the room.

Made mainly from wool and cotton mixed in harmony, wedding ceremony blankets incorporate fluffy traces and fringes on the surface and are decorated with the aid of vivid sequins.

Azilal rug

The Azilal rug is a Berber carpet from the Moroccan vicinity of Azilal inside the High Atlas, a mountainous location that is tough to reach. It isn't famous in the West, not like Moroccan carpets made with Beni Ourain.

Hand-knotted by using Berber women, the rugs have a creamy wool background with decorative Berber motifs, summary or geometric patterns in vibrant and a couple of colours, in contrast to Beni Ourain rugs, which frequently contain the simplest white and black coloration. The Azilal rug is a detail of decoration for all rooms of the house, imparting genuine heat contact and colour.

These carpets inform the story that every weaver expresses through the yarn, which becomes a method of expression. The symbols have their meaning, and the whole pattern represents an idea, a message, or a story!

Boujaad rug

A Boujaad rug is a type of carpet that provides a unique touch that gives your living space a good time and a special Moroccan spirit in a unique way. The pink historical past is full of diamond shapes in the middle, surrounded via different geometric shapes, creating a stable composition. The aggregate of colors and designs allows this piece to end up being one of the most beautiful artwork objects in your house. The carpet features a unique component of Berber civilization and invites you to take part in the maintenance of timeless artwork

Moroccan rug runner

Moroccan runner rugs, also called hallway rugs, are hand-woven rugs that comprise all of the allure and presence of Moroccan traditional fashion, beauty, and lifestyles.

Their comfortable fashion gives your hallway decoration project a wonderful historic presence. The runners are adorned with lovely patterns and ancient symbols of Berber tribes, filling your hallway with Moroccan vibes, softness, a warm temperature, and a traditional ecosystem.

The hall rugs add an outstanding presence to our hallways that catches attention, brings non-violent appeal, mystic combinations, and bohemian contact. Natural materials and vibrant colors will make your visitors interested in those masterpieces.


Moroccan rug in living room decor

The living room is the heartbeat of the house. It is the centerpiece of the family, a room where your family strengthens its ties and relaxes. It is a space where you can relax after a long day, where friends enjoy an aperitif before dinner. With all the attention in this room, of course, the decoration plan needs a wonderful combination of room accessories that reflect your personality and add a touch to the room. Nothing does it better than carefully selected Moroccan living room rugs.

moroccan living room decor

After you have got decided the practicalities of the first-rate location rugs in your area, it's time to shortlist the scale you need. A very massive carpet will crush the room, creating tightness in space, while a smaller one will misplace some of the different ornamental accents. The desk and the furnishings are top reference points to determine. A larger rug that each one of your furniture fits on is an alternative grand affair, or else, just permit the carpet to be a few inches before the couch. Just the right size and shade of the rug might be a tremendous focal point and a verbal exchange starter.


The most lovely homes are harmonious blends of colours, textures, and dimensions. Let your creativity run wild with brightly coloured and busy motifs in a neutral palette to create a statement. But in a dwelling room with ornate heirloom silverware and conventional artwork, choose smooth pastels and earthy tones to create a warm temperature and depth without overshadowing the other dominant factors.

How does a rug praise other fabrics and substances? Is the Boucherouite rug cladding the room? The curtains, the couch and chairs, and the throws need to meld together cohesively with your ground masking. As normally a legacy funding, the carpet leads the relaxation of the décor. But you shouldn’t stick to the same thing after 12 months. To spice matters up now and again, you may layer it with a dhurrie or a rug—a smart strategy to stave off boredom.

Textures and thickness, too, need to be considered. You may love that silvery shaggy-haired rug or the decadent thick plush velvet carpet'Solid Beni Ourain rug ', but they're harder to preserve and are perfect for floors with much fewer foot visitors.

One overlooks the significance of lighting fixtures within the blend. Certain fibers, along with viscose, are more reflective in the light. Thus, the look of place carpets will transform both with the amount of daylight filtering in and even with inner lights—a carpet’s sheen ebbing and waning with the depth of light reflecting on them.


moroccan rug living room
Once you’ve narrowed down your alternatives, it’s time to do not forget your finances. Hand-knotted rugs, works of artwork created by educated artisans by means of a meticulous labour-in-depth weaving manner, are enormously prized and valued. The finesse of each rug is measured through the quantity of knots in keeping with rectangular inch. Depending on your price range, you can select a unique home-made rug to adorn your ground—a one-of-a-kind piece of purposeful art that occupies a place of pleasure in your house. As with all handcrafted pieces, there will be subtle variations in coloration due to the natural fabrics and dyes used, which complement their desirability. In our Artisan Originals, weavers are the grasp designers in their very own rugs—every a treasury of artistry and innovation. Meanwhile, reversible, loom-spun, flat-woven rugs are extra low-priced and light-weight. For those looking for ideal symmetry, system-made rugs offer consistency and accuracy

The most important things to know before buying a Moroccan carpet

Here is a listing of questions that you should really ask the vendor in order to shop for the right Moroccan rug at the right price:


Handmade or machine-made?

Always ask the vendor if the Moroccan rug you are about to shop for is home-made or system-made. In truth, Berber carpets are generally made by the locals in Morocco, both domestically and in small associations. They are regularly created by the ladies of the place.
hadmade moroccan rugsBut regrettably, with the advancement of technology, some factories were installed that rely on the machines developed to fabricate these carpets in a short time; however, they continually have horrific satisfactory. So you need to take a look at the supply of any product before you purchase it.

Dyed or undyed:

The next element you want to ask your provider is whether the rug is dyed or undyed. Some Berber rugs, especially the Beni Ourain rugs, are made from undyed wool. Hence, no coloring is carried out on the rug.

This adds a sparkling herbal beauty to the rugs. When it involves dyed carpets from Berber tribes, it is most effective to use a Boucherouite rug that has been evidently dyed.

Hence, ask for this rug to make sure you get the proper Moroccan rug dyed with organic shade extracts.

moroccan rug dyer

Age of the Rug:

If you're going for a vintage Berber rug, by no means overlook the age of the rug. The growth in age commonly increases the charge of the rug. So, make sure that the seller is telling the truth about the age of the rug.

This may even save you you from indulging in any form of con. Hence, keep in mind the age of the Moroccan rug you're shopping for.
vintage berber rug

How do I clean a Moroccan rug?


Most people are afraid to scrub Moroccan rugs because they think they'll lose their beauty and originality. Well, so long as you have the best sorts of Moroccan carpets, there will no longer be this sort of case.

The unique carpets from the Berber or Sahara tribes are effortlessly washable. Just a bit of care at the same time as washing is wanted, and there may be truly no trouble. Let us take a look at a few short pointers for washing those rugs:

Get a clean place or area:

The first step to washing a traditional antique rug is to prepare a smooth area in which you may wash the rug. Wet this region and ensure that there's no dust in that region.

Make the rug ready.


You have now prepared an area to scrub your rug. The next thing you want to do is prepare your rug for laundry. For this, you need to clean your rug from dry dirt. This may be finished by placing the rug on a rope, after which it is beaten so the dust and debris go away.

This can be easily finished and will help you cast off most of the dirt and dust debris from the rug

Wet the rug:

Your subsequent step might be to place your carpet in the smooth area you organized in advance and make this Moroccan rug completely wet.

The next aspect you need is a laundry powder, which includes Tide or Ariel, as each detergent is considered innocent for laundering any Atlas rug. Sprinkle this detergent on the rug and rub it lightly with your arms to create foam on the rug’s floor.

You can also rub it with a smooth brush. Once it is done, absolutely rinse the rug to take off all the foam from the rug.

Downy Therapy:

For further softening of the Moroccan rug, you may use a bit of downy powder. Rub it gently on the rug's surface and wash it off. After you easy the downy, use a touch more water to make certain all the chemical compounds used are washed off the rug.

PS: Dry the rug in the sun. Machine dryers aren't recommended for drying the rug.

It would possibly take one to 3 days to dry your carpet, depending on the width of your rug.

Hence, dry it, and you may have a clean and adorable antique carpet.


Where can I buy these Moroccan rugs?

Even if you by no means go to Morocco and need to revel in the first-rate beauty of those rugs, it isn't always a huge deal these days. All you need to do is touch the first-class providers who promote those actual Moroccan rugs online.

People do have a few doubts about this. So, allow us to have a look and clear them out:

Is it a proper Moroccan rug?

One common doubt that human beings have is concerning the authenticity and originality of those rugs and carpets. It all depends on the provider with whom you're making the purchase.

To be on the safer side, do ensure that while you purchase any vintage Moroccan rug, it has not been washed to appear antique.

Check out the opinions of the dealer to determine if it is a trusted source or not. Once you locate the vital parameters satisfied, you can say that the supplier is relied on and the rug is original.

moroccan area rugs

At Boucherouite rug , we don't simply promote rugs ! Everyone can promote Moroccan rugs ! We absolutely serve our clients!

Moroccan rugs offer