Designs and Authenticity of Beni Ourain rug

Designs and Authenticity of Beni Ourain rug

There are many Moroccan rugs in Moroccan markets or even in different parts of the world, but if you are looking for authentic Moroccan carpets you should make sure that these carpets were made in Moroccan tribes such as Berber and Sahrawi tribes. For example, the Berber tribes are famous for making authentic Berber carpets called beni ourain rug and are characterized by distant characteristics, so let us know the value of this carpet in old Moroccan homes and how to determine its originality . 

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Designs and Authenticity of Beni Ourain rug

The nice thing about me is these rugs are available in my different colors and shapes. But white beni ourain rug remains more common in berber homes as well as the most demanded by people from around the world. Most designs tend to have more natural and light patterns while the carpet. All this makes carpets laugh nowadays. This way to imitate the original carpets of the past. On the carpet from the inside out. The original carpet comes from the Berber area .

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Materials Used for Beni ourain rug

What distinguishes these carpets are those materials used in making them and this makes it different to their Moroccan rugs counterparts , Even the use of designs that take root from the bottom of Berber culture . The use of natural materials and traditional designs leads to an expansion of the Berber carpet market. Moreover, stylists and stylists began to use it more often to decorate high-end offices, homes, and more. These cozy carpets are prepared by Berbers living in Morocco. These people are widely known for their superior skills and their high level of experience can be seen from the experience with which carpets and rugs are made. Whenever you go to the Moroccan carpet of beni ourain , you will not only get beautiful pieces of art, but also art that has been mastered through generations. The good thing about these original carpets is that natural materials last long.

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About Beni Ourain rug

These carpets are made from sheep wool that lives in the Moroccan Atlas mountain range. Merchants visit families or women's associations that produce these carpets and only select high quality pieces. The merchant chooses rugs according to their design and originality, so while buying Beni Ourain Moroccan rugs, you can stay calm because you will get something unique. The original Berber rugs feature a traditional knot-style structure and the materials used are completely natural fibers that Berbers collect and use specifically to create the finest carpets in the world. so what are you waiting to buy the finest carpet in the world .

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