Beni Ourain Rugs - A Guide to Buying Moroccan Rugs

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Beni Ourain Rugs - A Guide to Buying Moroccan Rugs

A traditional and timeless home accessory - the wool rug. Durable and long lasting, this exotic rug is one of the best home accent you can ever have. Hand knotted in best quality wool - this unique stylish handmade Moroccan rug created by skilled craftsmen with chic and refined contemporary pattern and intricate modern design makes a most striking focal point in almost any living room. It is created by tightly weaving pile of wool on each side, it has unique draping technique which makes the rug very attractive and gives an exquisite classic appearance. In fact, it is very much popular in countries like Japan, France, Italy and Germany.

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These unique moroccan artisans in Morocco create exquisite rugs using only natural raw wool. Their expert knowledge and ability in weaving this exotic wool helps to produce a unique beauty and classiness in these unique rugs that makes them the symbol of beauty, style and comfort in homes all over the world. They use an expert method of knotting to make a fine and soft moroccan rug, which helps to create a unique piece of art. They usually use a wool pile that is hand-knotted, and they also take extra care when knotting to avoid premature unraveling or the tearing of the rug.

There are different types of moroccan rugs available in the market today. Each one displays their own styles and techniques and makes a perfect addition to any room and setting. You can choose between traditional wools that come in light colors such as camel, white, ivory, and tan, and bold reds and grays. Other colors available are black, blue, green, brown and pink.

A very interesting feature of wool rugs in Morocco is the way they are cleaned. These rugs can be made so that they retain their characteristics and look wonderful for many years. They can be cleaned easily by hand with only a towel and mild soap, because they are very easy to clean and maintain. Some even leave the rug with you when you move, so that you do not have to take it to a specialist to have it cleaned. You can just throw it in the washing machine if it has been damp, or if it has become slightly dirty, you can use the normal cleaning cycle in your machine.

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Owning a wool rug in morocco gives you a sense of pride and ownership of one of the most luxurious pieces of floor covering you could ever have the pleasure of owning. They can also be used in other countries as wall hangings and as exquisite home accents, giving elegance and style to any decor. Unlike other cheaper rugs that are made of lower quality wool that will quickly wear out, a high quality wool rug will last longer. It will last longer because it is a natural product, not one that has had to undergo chemical treatment.

The process that is used to create the highest quality wool rugs in moroccan rugs is called the moroccan weaving method. This is a centuries old method that uses a completely different technique for how wool is produced than is used in today's production methods. In moroccan rugs, the fibers are woven together by hand with very little machines being used, which allows for a much higher density and strength in the finished product. In order to get the most out of this wool rug, you will want to make sure that you buy it from an authentic source, as replicas and factory made products are low in quality and will not posses the same characteristics and qualities that would come from a well crafted rug made by real moroccan artisans.

Anou Community provides authentic moroccan berber rugs and other products to you at an affordable price. They are located in Rabat, which is on the east coast of Morocco. You can find them online and in their main store located in town. This company is one of the leading companies in Morocco and sells everything from carpets, bedding, pillows, window coverings, and curtains to clothing and home accessories. You will not find an easier place to get great deals on wool or any other type of product. Their prices are very reasonable and their shipping rates are competitive.

BoucherouiteRug is a company located in Marrakech that also sells excellent wool products. These rugs are made with a unique technique that makes it possible to create a high quality product for a great price. Their rugs are sold in stores all over Morocco and are extremely popular. These wool rugs have an exquisite texture and they feel wonderful to the touch. Beni Ourain products are some of the best you will find anywhere.