Berber women and carpets

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Berber women and carpets

In the Moroccan rural world of the Middle Atlas, it's miles stated of a Berber lady that she is remote, secret, and occasionally limited to her home. Tradition has it that male Berber buyers feed the traders of the carpet souks. The function of ladies changed into being constrained to making carpets, although every now and then they observed their husbands in remote cities like Marrakech.

The family then turned into a Foundouk, one of the many caravanserais of the city.

Recently, Berber ladies have appeared in the carpet souks. They come to sell the carpets of their personal manufacture.

berber women and carpet


Berber ladies emancipate themselves increasingly, transferring boundaries at their comfort and devoted to their reputation as loose girls.

They decided to move to Marrakech, now not to survey the souks in search of clients but to go to their clients.

Marrakech rugs

We can see them discreetly sitting on a stool to contemplate the hobby of the souk throughout a public sale. The Berbers come and go, rolling out their carpets to each service provider. A glance or a moderate nod of the head is enough for the 2 guys to understand each other.

The prices are always expressed in the Moroccan rial, a financial unit from the former Kingdom of Marrakech. The Moroccan Rial continues to be extensively utilized by the elders and in the rural world.

These new rugs are in line with our collection of Beni ourain rugs on our internet site. It is guaranteed beginning of Morocco and maintains a long way of life of Berber carpets .