Buying a Berber Rug From Morocco

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Buying a Berber Rug From Morocco

It is good to decorate your property in Moroccan Berber fashion. It seems rich and high-priced, and it is also enormously comforting at the same time. The nice component is that for Moroccan berber rugs as well, there are so many one-of-a kind designs and patterns available that you may easily get the kind you like.
For a royal and genuine appearance, you can get traditional and vintage Berber rugs; for a sober look, you could get cutting-edge-style Moroccan carpet; for massive occasions and celebrations, you can get special handmade rugs; and so forth.



Five Tips for Buying a  Berber Rug From Morocco


  • The durability of the Berber carpet: 

One of the most popular indoor rugs is the Berber rug. They are renowned for their satisfactory layout and texture, which are each nice and purposeful. Indeed, the brilliant colors of the Berber carpet can conceal dust and residue.

The classic Berber carpets in Morocco were frequently used in homes and have been the right idea to withstand common day-to-day passages over them. The subculture has continued, and this is why authentic Berber rugs today have lasted a long time and might last a lifetime. You can easily showcase your Berber carpet in your home.



  • The quality/price ratio of Berber carpets: 

Compared with other varieties of carpet, Berber carpet has an excellent price for cash.

There is something for all budgets. Indeed, there are loads of cheaper rugs. Berber-style rugs, which are not hand-made,. They are, in reality, industrialized synthetic fiber rugs, which justifies a fairly low price in keeping with rectangular centimeters. However, this type of carpet is much less stable and could last for years if it's well maintained.

Conversely, authentic Berber carpets are a bit more expensive, but you can hold them for a lifetime. You will quickly pay on your purchase.



  • The Berber carpet is timeless. 

The mystery of Berber carpet production has existed for heaps of years and has been handed down from technology to technology. Even if the production base remains the same, the style evolves over time to make a cutting-edge carpet. Today we discover all shades: white carpet, grey carpet, black carpet, multicolored carpet, and many others. There are all sizes: small carpet, large carpet. There are all sorts of carpet: round carpet, rectangular carpet, square carpet, and geometric carpet. And sooner or later, we find some with all possible styles: geometric styles... In other words, the Berber carpet modernizes with time, and all of the variations of Berber carpets make certain there's something for anyone in each room in your own home. You can make it your living room rug, bedroom rug, or even hallway rug. It is a critical ornamental item for your house.

  • The Berber carpet is easy to maintain. 

Generally, Berber carpet is easy to smooth if you have a great vacuum cleaner.

Even if the dirt can get caught among the piles of the carpet, if you vacuum it regularly, it will make its upkeep easy. Regular or maybe daily vacuum cleaning will permit you to preserve the carpet without problems. On the other hand, if you spill something on the carpet, like a liquid, think about cleansing it quickly with suitable merchandise.

Finally, if you want, you could additionally have it washed by an expert each year to ensure that your carpet will last for many years.


  • Availability of the product: 

There are numerous distribution channels if you want to shop for a Berber carpet. In this direction, there are industrialized versions, made by using machines, available online and in shops from decoration specialists. However, in case you want an actual Berber carpet, this is handmade and authentic, and it is also easy to locate.

If you travel to or stay in Morocco, you may immediately purchase your carpet from a craftsman. If not, Boucherouie RUG will make your existence easier.

We provide in our Berber carpet save numerous fashions of rugs, hand-crafted by using Berber artisans. You simply ought to fulfill your desire.

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