How do you choose your moroccan rug - berber carpet

History traces have shown that upper-class families prefer to use antique products at home. The first thing that gives your home a royal look is carpets. Have you ever seen a royal palace with no carpet? of course not!!

From Her Highness's palace in England to the Royal Towers of India, and from royal families to royal homes to Disney Princess residences, not a single castle lacks carpet. So it is imperative to emphasize that to give your home a royal and classic look, you must use carpets to complement the luxurious interior design of your home.

However, the biggest problem with using carpets in your home rooms is choosing the best products that fit the décor. The best solution to this problem is to use a luxurious rug, Moroccan beni ourain rug. Well, I am not here to promote or advertise Moroccan rug, as this rug is truly luxurious at a low price.


moroccan rug


Why choose carpets Berber beni ourain rug luxury?

First of all, Beni ourain rug are the only product of luxurious handmade rugs enriched with the techniques of the old Moroccan style. The amazing aesthetic used belongs to the most ancient styles in Morocco. In addition, luxury Moroccan products are ideal for interior decoration, as the old Moorish culture depends on the ancient architecture of Medina, the Marrakech sculptures and luxurious Moroccan carpets decorated in a royal style from Andalusia give your home an elegant touch look.

Vintage berber rugs enriched by Maghreb culture:

If we compare the use of old products in history with today's use, we have seen that people prefer to use more handcrafted luxury interiors. Why, because it does not make you feel uncomfortable with the fluid equipment. Moroccan patterns blend with more vibrant colors to decorate the forests, and acrylic mosaic statues that give an attractive and seductive look to your environment and make it energize and compliment the viewer's eyes.

Secondly, high-end families prefer to use luxurious Moroccan rugs as they adapt to all situations. The lighter shades used inside the carpet make the interior of the room more spacious in a royal way. In addition, these carpets and rugs give the area a comfortable mood.

vintage moroccan carpet

How to choose your Moroccan rug ? 

The options for decorating your home in luxurious interiors are good but hard to choose, especially when it comes to choosing the best moroccan berber carpet . Here are tips you can use when shopping for luxury carpets and home décor, illustrated with benefits:

1. History of carpet designer and market reputation:

Yes, the first thing to look at in the history of the carpet maker. There are novice carpet designers who are undoubtedly trying to come up with a good product, but lack of experience and skill can be easily seen in their products. In contrast, experienced carpet designers, who had much experience in making ancient folklore, developed aesthetic styles. They know the techniques of Antique Moroccan carpet making in order to make it relative to the ancient arts in Marrakech.


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2. The design must be completely destroyed by ancient Maghreb art:

Now the demand for rugs has become strong, many novice designers are trying to create rugs that complement Moorish culture. But again, experience is important, so they are unable to provide an accurate tribal feel for their concept. Therefore, you should choose a designer who reads cultural relics by trying carpet weaving. If we were talking about the luxurious Antique berber beni ourain rug, the designer designed carpets using patterns from 12 ancient Moorish tribes and tribal art.

3. Choose moroccan handmade rugs:

The third most important thing is to choose handmade products. There are many reasons for choosing a hand woven rug, such as :
These rugs represent the ancient core of Moroccan folklore, as there were no weaving machines available at the time.

Vintage handmade, Berber rugs are more reliable and cannot be broken or torn even after years.

Manual carpets and rugs do not require maintenance. Yes, you do not have to send it to clean your carpet dearly every time, it is actually dust with a simple brush that makes it look new.

Handmade rugs blend well with your home furnishings because they have a number of colors. Thus, you do not need to change paint in the surrounding areas when purchasing carpets.

There is no trace of the use of chemicals and gases in hand-made carpets. These toxic substances can lead to many diseases like asthma.

The crafts are more attractive and attractive than the carpet that the device makes.


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