How to protect Moroccan Beni Ourain rug from dust and damage

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How to protect Moroccan Beni Ourain rug from dust and damage

Although Berber rugs are a masterpiece created in Morocco, they need proper management and care. Otherwise, their life span, first-rate, and look may be substantially reduced. All the matters in our lives and in our environment want to be controlled and cleaned.

In this article, some of the protective measures might be mentioned for stopping dust damage to the rugs.
  • Prevention : 

Prevention is constantly the right remedy, and diverse issues may be prevented by using using preventive measures. The Moroccan rugs need to be stored securely away from dust and different forms of related media. While we are opening doors and windows and the dust particles are getting into the room, they are sooner or later settled at the ground and at the rugs. Other than this, the dirt at the rugs is also amassed and absorbed from the toes and shoes.

The dust causes the loss of rug fibers at the micro-stage and reasons the degeneration of rugs with the passage of time. If the dirt is left within the rug for an extended time, then it gets embedded in the rug and causes exponential growth in the harm, so the entry of dirt into the rug ought to be avoided.

  • Regular cleaning: 

Regular cleansing can significantly reduce the harm brought about to the rugs by dust. One of the perfect methods is to smooth the rug by using any paper towel, and the rug ought to additionally be taken outside and wiped clean with the aid of jerks. This shaking is a wonderful way to clean dirt from the rugs, and the life of the rug can be better with the aid of a few years. Prevent spills on the rugs, and if there's any spillage, then clean it up right away.

  • Use of Vacuum Cleaners: 

The rugs can also be cleaned by using vacuum cleaners, and the cleaning ought to be finished in a side-to-side manner. This can end up being tons more effective than easy shaking. A combination of each of these techniques is a really perfect practice to easy the treasured Beni Ourain rugs.

  • Use of Dirt Pads : 

It is a truth that small dust particles are unavoidable, and in such situations, the use of an excellent, nice, and green pad is a great practice. Rug pads act like cushions, and they can greatly save you the hassle of slipping on the rugs. Moreover, they also lessen the friction between the bottom and floor of the rug, so they're basically beneficial to save you the trouble of wear and tear over time.

  • Things to Avoid for Protecting Beni Ourain Rugs from Damage : 

There should not be any use of doubtlessly harmful chemical detergent for washing those treasured rugs. They can cause superb damage to the rugs, and first-rate will be negatively affected. The use of a vacuum with rotating brushes and a beater bar must be avoided, as it may result in shredding, tearing, and fuzzing.

The use of hot water for washing and cleaning must also be prevented, as it could cause the rug’s coloration to vanish.

This guide will assist you in protecting your Moroccan rug in an amazing way