How to wash your beni ourain rugs, Berber carpets ?

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How to wash your beni ourain rugs, Berber carpets ?

Many people are afraid to wash these Beni Ourain rugs because they think they may lose their elegance and originality. Well, as far as you have the best types of Berber carpets, there will not be such this case.

The original carpets from berber tribes are easily washable. Just a little care while washing these and, there will be absolutely no issue. Let us have a look at quick tips of washing these rugs :

Get A Clean Place or Area:
The first step to wash the classic vintage rug is prepare a clean place or area where you will wash the rug. Wet this place and make sure that there is no dirt or dust in that place.

Make the Rug Ready:
You have now prepared a place to wash your rug. Next, thing you need to do is prepare your rug for washing. For this you need to clean your rug from dry dust and dirt. This can be achieved by hanging the Berber rug through rope and then beating it so its dirt and dust particles leave out.
This can be easily done and will help you get rid of most of the dirt and dust particles from the

Wet the Rug:
Your next step will be to place your carpet in the clean area you prepared earlier and make Beni ourain rug completely wet.
The next thing you need is tide or ariel as both the detergents are considered harmless for washing any atlas rug . Sprinkle this detergent on the rug and rub it gently with your hands to create foam on the rug’s surface.
You can also rub it with soft brush. Once it is done completely wet the rug to take off all the foam from the rug.

Downy Therapy:
For further softening of the atlas rug you can use a little downy powder. Rub it gently on the rugs surface and wash it off. After you clean the downy use a little more water to ensure all the chemicals used are washed off the rug.

Dry the rug in sun. Machine or dryer is not recommended for drying the rug.
It might take one to three days for drying your carpet depending on the width of your rug.
Hence, dry it and you will have a clean and adorable vintage carpet.