How to wash a vintage Boucherouite rug

How to wash a vintage boucherouite rug

moroccan boucherouite rug

Away their old charm. Well, here's something to prevent this from happening. If you follow the tips below to wash a classic carpet, you can clean your rug without compromising its original beauty.
Let's see how :

  • Important preparations : 

Before you begin the actual cleaning process, you must make some important preparations to start the process. This includes a clean area where you will wash the Boucherouite rug.

You also need to pour about one liter of cleaning product " tide or areal " into 10 gallons of water. Use only color protector cleaners as mentioned. Since Boucherouite '  rug from marrakech is rich in color, special precautions must be taken to avoid any kind of color bleeding problems during washing.
Also, make your carpet dust free. So, simply hang your rug on a rope and hit it with a stick. This will take away all particles of dust and dirt. Once you have completed the preparations as mentioned, you can start cleaning the carpet.

  • Cleaning Process of Rug : 

Keep your rug on the clean area you prepared and pour a lot of water. You need to make sure that the berber carpet is made very wet with water. Then pour the solution you prepared earlier on the rug.
Rub it gently with a little extra detergent so that it prepares a smooth foam on the surface of rug. Do this for about 10 minutes and then pour a lot of water on the rug to wipe all the detergent from the rug.

  • Smothening Process : 

The specialty of  Moroccan boucherouite rugs is their softness. So, to make sure this is not lost by the cleaning process you need to do a little downy therapy. Pour a little downy on the rug and rub it gently with brush.
Then using a wiper and lots of water .

  • Drying process : 

Finally, to dry the rug, fold and wipe with water or brush. Try drying the rugs as much as possible by folding it. Later you need to keep them in sunlight for 1-3 days.
Make sure the machine or dryer is never used to dry the carpet.


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