Moroccan decor rugs , Ideas for Home

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Moroccan decor rugs , Ideas for Home

Decorating your home should be a way to express your creativity, for that reason you have to be very careful and taking your time to get the closet image of your dreams home. Perhaps there are many ideas to the interior decoration that come in your mind: artisanal, authentic or chic and modern ,for that reason we are going to present you the Moroccan rugs an article that goes perfectly with any type of space in your home, decorate perfectly your area and add that typical unique touch and charm of morocco.

Moroccan decor

The Moroccan decor rugs:

for many years the Moroccan rug gets more attention from home decor designers, for its flexibility in decoration that can switch from the moderne to the pure artisanal. expressive artistic handmade creations that narrate the stories of many Berber tribes in Morocco and bring you their way of living, stories, and adventures.
the Berber rugs are made with natural elements and colors, pure and lightful used for covering the floor or the wall, adorned by asymmetrical and asymmetrical shapes, monochrome or colorful, a wide range of types that match your taste and nomadic soul,hand-woven by women that generally at least 2 months to create this unique canvas rated as a historical heritage 
moroccan decor rugs


Azilal Rugs :

comfortable and unique, single knotted, classy and simple made from sheep natural wool, wonderful colors shaped on the forme of diamonds.flat with its unique look traveled across generations to another, pure incorporation of brightness and contemporary designs and patterns that involve the big secrets and self history of tribal nomadic life.

Azilal rug

Beni ourain rugs :

known by its lightful and simple texture, the Beni Ourain rugs are woven with wool and adorned by dark symbols and patterns shaped on double big diamonds or simple ones with small add a perfect modern majestical touch to your living room. a fluffy and heavy-pill texture that mixte all the sens of Berber living style with your enterior-decor.

Beni ourain rugs

Boucherouite Rugs :

colorful rug made from pre-used clothing and wool, recycled and woven to one piece, decoration for your floor or wall, conceived for domestic use in Berber houses. pink, red, yellow and many more colors, sometimes shaped into some geometrical patterns. Wild and special rag rugs attractive and remarkable, a demonstration of vibrant colors that will add a very rich modern look to your living room.

Boucherouite rug