Moroccan rugs

Some famous types of Moroccan carpets

The Kingdom of Morocco ranks first in the textile industry in Africa , What made Morocco top of this list is the cultural and religious diversity that Morocco's history has known, for example, the culture of Moroccan rugs has been focus from native Berbers to Arabs, Romans, Spanish and sub-Saharan Africa.

moroccan area rug

So let's go see some of the 4 types of our favorite Moroccan carpets

Beni ourain rugs 

The classic beni ourain rugs and carpets were originally designed by the tribes near the Atlas Mountains to be used as bedspreads and blankets. This was because of the cold climatic conditions near the mountains.
These tribes never used these berber carpets like beni ourain carpet for decorating the floors in their home. These were used to cover themselves from the cold climates.
Women found these rugs as a mode of showing gratitude and love for their families. Hence, they made these carpets embracing a lot of love and affection in them. This was the original idea behind the making of these beautiful tribal carpets.

beni ourain carpets

Tuareg mats

The Tuareg mats from african trib are made with the finest quality camel leather, which is stitched with the Tuareg reed. The experts stitch the mat with perfection and the finishing of the carpet is perfect. It is available in the natural shades of reed and camel. Traditionally the Tuareg mats were not dyed and so the vintage Tuareg mats are available in their real shades

Tuareg rug


Boucherouite rugs 

The berber tribe is famous for making boucherouite design . These are made from the leftover clothes used in making other rugs and carpets. These torn and leftover pieces are then beautifully stitched together that looks magnificent.
This is why any of the boucherouite’s rug looks really unique and classy. Their texture is filled with mesmerizing warmth. Having these rugs or carpets in home & living is a real delight.

boucherouite rug


Azilal rugs

Azilal carpets or rugs are single knotted, which allows for very fine work and artistic design,” says Soukie Modern cofounder Kenya Knight, whose business partner is of Berber descent. This probably explains why the patterns are so intricate. Interestingly, neutral-toned versions are more traditionally tribal than the popular rugs with a red ground, which are actually newer rural versions of urban Rabat carpets, whose origins are Arab .

azilal rug

The best thing of these moroccan rugs can be placed everywhere because they are practical and decorating the place as well , so what are you waiting for to spread this charm in your home

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