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Stunning Beni ourain Moroccan rug - Hand knotted berber carpet - Custom Rug

Stunning Beni ourain Moroccan rug - Hand knotted berber carpet - Custom Rug

Stunning Beni ourain Moroccan rug - Hand knotted berber carpet - Custom Rug

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Processing time : 3-4 weeks

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Bring home an exotic flavor of Moroccan style. A handmade Beni Ourain rug can become the inspiration for your home or office. Its characteristic diagonal pattern contains a special meaning bringing you relaxing and positive energy. Place this soft, fluffy white carpet on your floors or hang it on your walls, and it will become an exotic conversation piece.

We are committed to make this Moroccan rug for you by using genuine Moroccan lambs wool; professional Moroccan adult women artists will be working on your order.


Beni Ourain rugs are hand made by traditional women of Morocco who weave the wool from their sheep. The rugs come in different sizes, styles and designs that are hand woven by skilled workers who live in the oases around the area. Most of these rugs are also machine made but the rugs made by local women still have that unique feel that only comes with the traditional Moroccan art of hand weaving wool. Each rug is unique in its own way as it is made by different women from different regions of Morocco. It is very rare to find any two Beni Ourain rugs that are exactly the same because each area crafts the rug differently. 

The rugs come from various oases around the country and they are sometimes crafted from wool that was taken from different breeds of sheep and then the wool is dyed a different color. Handmade by fine, thick, fine graded wool from Moroccans, the Beni Ourain rug has a soft, natural, warm wool background with bright colored swirls, floral motifs or other geometric designs. They all have different density and thickness and are either light to feel or thicker to feel. Different styles of these rugs are more commonly found in modern furniture than other types of moroccan rugs.

The most common use of a moroccan wool rug is to make floor coverings or upholstery. These are used for floors around the home, but they can also be used on walls or even as borders. Since the Beni Ourain Berber carpets come in such a large variety of styles, you are bound to find one to match your decorating taste. They can add a touch of color and texture to any room and even have the ability to change the whole mood of the room when they are strategically placed so that the viewer can appreciate the beauty of the artistry of the fibers while not actually straining against the fibers that are giving you the softness and cushioning that you need.

5x6 = ~ 3 weeks               5x8 = ~ 4 weeks

6x8 = ~ 4 weeks               7x9 = ~ 4 weeks

7x10 = ~ 4 weeks             8x8 = ~ 4 weeks

10x10 = ~ 5 weeks       12x12 = ~ 5 weeks

8x10 = ~ 4 weeks           8x11 = ~ 4 weeks

9x12 = ~ 5 weeks         10x12 = ~ 5 weeks

10 x14 = ~ 6 weeks      10x16 = ~ 6 weeks

12x14 = ~ 6 weeks       12x16 = ~ 7 weeks

13x16 = ~ 8 weeks       13x18 = ~ 8 weeks

14x16 = ~ 8 weeks       14x18 = ~ 9 weeks

14x20 = ~ 9 weeks

Type: Handmade berber Moroccan Rug

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