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Long Moroccan rug pillow 15.3 INCHES X 32.2 INCHES

Long Moroccan rug pillow 15.3 INCHES X 32.2 INCHES

Long Moroccan rug pillow 15.3 INCHES X 32.2 INCHES

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This authentic Moroccan rug pillow is handcrafted using traditional weaving techniques that have been passed down through generations. Its intricate geometric pattern in rich, earthy red and cream hues will infuse your space with an exotic bohemian vibe. While machine-made pillows may seem convenient, they lack the artistry, history, and soul of this handmade treasure. Each fiber has been lovingly dyed and woven by skilled artisans using all-natural, sustainable materials and dyes. Place it on your sofa, bed or favorite chair and be transported to the souks and riads of Marrakesh with a single glance. For decor that stirs the senses with its layers of texture and meaning, you can’t beat an authentic handmade rug pillow straight from a Moroccan loom. This pillow has stories to tell and a wanderlust spirit—are you ready for the journey?

39 CM X 82 CM = 15.3 INCHES X 32.2 INCHES


we ship this Moroccan pillow unstuffed , Please watch the video on link bellow, it shows smart tips of how you can stuff Moroccan pillow in less than 2 minutes at zero dollar , please watch the video

 How to stuff a moroccan ottoman pillow 

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