Add a Moroccan Touch to Your Home With a Tribal Berber Rug

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Add a Moroccan Touch to Your Home With a Tribal Berber Rug

Moroccan rug

Whether you are buying a new rug or just wanting to update your existing rug, you may want to consider a tribal berber rug. These rugs can add a lot of style to your home and will also help to protect your floors from stains.

Beni Ourain Rug

Among the most famous Moroccan rugs are Beni Ourain tribal rugs. These rugs have been woven by Berber tribes living in the northeastern mountains of the Middle Atlas. They produce wool that is considered the best in the world. The wool is known for its softness and pleasant texture. Its color is ivory and golden.

These tribes have long been involved in a rich cultural tradition. Their heritage is still strong and they continue to weave masterpieces. They are known for their use of natural dyes, such as indigo, henna and iron sulfate.

These rugs are a classic addition to any home decor. They feature geometric patterns and talisman symbols. They also incorporate spirituality and femininity. Beni Ourain rugs are made from high-quality sheep's wool.

Zanafi Rug

Using traditional manufacturing techniques, a Zanafi tribal berber rug can be a beautiful and functional decorative piece for any room. These rugs are typically made from natural wool and dyes. These rugs come in a variety of sizes and colors.

These rugs are typically made by members of the Zanafi tribe in Morocco's High Atlas Mountains. They are crafted with an intricate geometric design that is both functional and beautiful. Typically, these rugs feature a raised element that appears to be a raised embroidery or a zig zag pattern. This element is usually closed off with a fringe.

These rugs are typically made with 100% virgin wool. These rugs are known for their luxurious beauty and durability. They can also be found in a variety of natural shades of wool.

Azilal Rug

Often called authenic tribal rugs, Azilal rugs are handmade in Morocco. They are created by tribal women who live in the High Atlas Mountains. The designs are made with geometric patterns and symbols, and are highly inspired by the natural environment of the area.

The patterns on Azilal rugs may represent childbirth, motherhood, or rural life. They are also a way to tell a story about life in the region. It is possible to purchase an Azilal rug as a gift for someone or as a permanent home decoration.

The main material used to make the rugs is virgin wool. This gives the rugs an authentic look. The back of the rug is usually white.

Motifs represent energy, god's blessings, power, and protection

Among the many ways that tribal berber rugs express meaning are their motifs. Some are used to tell a story, while others identify a tribe, ward off evil, or demonstrate the wonders of the natural world.

For example, the Eye of Providence is a symbol of an eye surrounded by light. Usually enclosed by a triangle, it is an elegantly rendered example of the art of visual communication.

Another example is the Hand of Fatima, which is not only popular in Middle Eastern culture, but also in North Africa. Its significance in a cosmological context is well documented. The hand can be represented by snakes, triangles, crosses, and tattoos. Its function as an amulet to ward off evil is also well documented.

Origins in the West

Despite their contemporary style, Berber rugs have a rich history that goes back thousands of years. These traditional textiles are a time capsule of the lives of long ago peoples, preserving their traditions and culture.

Berber rugs are named after individual Berber tribes. Some tribes produce intricate embroidery. Others weave organically. Each weaver has her own story to tell. These stories are woven into the rug patterns.

Berber rugs are made with organic dyes, including madder root, indigo and saffron. This makes them highly durable and stain resistant. In addition, they provide warmth in cold weather.

Berber carpets have symbols that represent fertility, birth, and marriage. These designs are also used for burial shrouds and cushions. In addition, Berber rugs are woven with glyphs, or markings, found in rock art. These glyphs tell the story of the weaver and her family.

Vintage tribal berber rugs

Traditionally hand woven tribal rugs give the interior a cozy, soulful, bohemian air. They are highly sought after by architects, designers, and home decor enthusiasts. They are characterized by their colorful designs and vibrant colors.

Typically, vintage tribal rugs are created by Berber tribespeople in Morocco. They are handmade, using natural fibers and a variety of local resources. They are available in a variety of colors and designs, with some containing symbols for fertility, giving birth, and courting. They also symbolize protection, energy, and spiritual power.

Tribal rugs are also characterized by their unique designs, which are often not constrained by patterns. They are typically woven for decorative purposes, but many are used as prayer mats. These rugs are one-of-a-kind works of art. They are also very functional and durable. Usually, they are less expensive than plush carpets.