An Authentic Moroccan Rug Can Make Your Home Look Gorgeous

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An Authentic Moroccan Rug Can Make Your Home Look Gorgeous

The Berber is one of the three prominent types of the Berber family of rugs made in North Africa and the Middle East. They are also known as the Moroccan Rugs . They have been used for different purposes including floor coverings, bedding and even for wall decoration. 

Morocco Azilal rug or Berber rugs originate from the province of Morocco in North Africa. They are made out of wool obtained from sheep that have been tanned and then sheared into yarns. The wool is first sheened into threads and then beaten to produce the threads that form the texture on the rugs. These threads are then weaved together by using several wefts which make the fabric. Moroccans call these rugs moroccan rugs because of the characteristic wool yarn used.

Moroccan rug - azilal berber rug

They are differentiated from the modern moroccan rugs by their bolder colors and the fact that they lack the sheen of the latter. The modern moroccan rugs usually use a synthetic fiber as a base for the design where as the old moroccan rugs were crafted completely out of wool. The moroccan rugs gained popularity in Europe during the early nineteenth century. During that time they started being displayed in Museums all over Europe and they soon became popular in the United States too.

Modern day moroccan rugs have come a long way since their inception. Today they are woven with top quality materials and they provide high quality craftsmanship as well. They can be found in a wide variety of color palettes and some even feature motifs from different countries. Some Berber rugs have been made with wool taken from organically raised sheep that were tilled in the country of Morocco. A great benefit when using organic wool is that it is able to withstand many times the weight of synthetic wool.

The origin of the berber women rugs is not clear. However some believe that it was introduced by traders who traded with the Berber people of Morocco. There are also those who suggest that this type of rug was originated in Germany, though no proofs or evidence has been found to support this claim. The meaning behind the name is not clear either, as many people believe that this was the name given to the specific type of wool that was used to make the rug, but it may also be related to the Berber people's nomadic lifestyle.

The best place to find authentic moroccan rugs is to purchase them online from websites that sell authentic products. You will have to know the size of the area you want to cover, the colors that you would like to incorporate in your design, and the texture and the pattern that you would like to use. Once you have determined these things then you can begin shopping around for your new authentic moroccan rug. Some websites allow for you to personalize your order by including any special requests that you may wish to have on your rug. You can get your rug custom-made to include any special details or embroidery that you desire. If you find an authentic moroccan rug at a good price, you can be sure that you will be satisfied with the quality, the look, and the beauty of your new purchase.