Different Types of Moroccan Rugs - Checkered rug - Mrirt rug ..

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Different Types of Moroccan Rugs - Checkered rug - Mrirt rug ..

A Moroccan rug can give a room a sophisticated look and feel. Moroccan rugs can be a great way to add luxury living to your home without breaking the bank. In addition to being luxurious looking, they are also easy to clean and maintain. Here are some different types of rugs you might like to consider.

Azilal rugs

Azilal rugs are well-known for their vivid colors and unusual patterns. They are typically woven with wool and feature intricate patterns and symbolism. You can identify an Azilal by its single knots and base color, which is indicative of the wool used. If you are unsure, consider buying an Azilal that has a natural shade of white at the bottom.

Azilal rugs are handmade by the matriarchs in a family and may take months or years to complete. The process of making Azilal rugs involves meticulous attention to the fibers and finishing touches. This allows the rug to be durable and withstand many years of daily use.

Azilal rugs are highly sought-after pieces of art. Made by the finest Berber women, these carpets add a touch of ethnicity and provincial Bohemian charm to interior designs. They are a good investment, as they last for many decades and can even be passed down through the generations.

The checkered pattern on an Azilal rug is a decorative epitome that binds a room together. It sets the foundation for colors and textures and makes for a great heirloom piece. It is woven by master artisans using intricate symbols. These Moroccan rugs contain geometric shapes and bold color combinations. The most coveted of these rugs are made in the rural villages of Morocco.

Moroccan azilal rug

Azilal rugs come in a wide range of colors and are handmade in Morocco. One type features an asymmetrical grid network with Berber symbols. The other style features a colorful motif. These rugs are made of 100% wool and are made using ancestral techniques. They contrast well with modern furnishings.

Beni Ourain rugs

This traditional Moroccan rug is handcrafted in Morocco and made from premium quality wool. The pattern is hand-woven by local women in the Atlas Mountains. It features a star pattern that forms an imperfectly balanced box in the center of the rug. The pattern is colorful and traditional, and will add an authentic feel to your home. This rug is a good choice for any room in the house.

Made by Berber women using traditional weaving techniques, this handcrafted piece brings the rich heritage of nomadic Berber tribes to modern interiors. The traditional geometrical patterns on this rug bring ancient history to the forefront. Each piece is unique and crafted by hand, with the rugs being washed and dried naturally in the mountain air. The rugs are handcrafted, one-of-a-kind and are ready to ship anywhere in the world.

handmade beni ourain rug

Beni Ourain rugs are beautiful and durable, and will provide a soft element to your home's interior decoration. They are made from natural wool and are woven by Berber women in the Atlas Mountains. These rugs are made using traditional techniques and feature complex symbolism, making them an ideal choice for any decor.

These rugs are unique pieces of art and decor and are sure to give your room a boho-chic look. They also provide a luxurious touch to any room. Handwoven in Morocco, these rugs are a unique way to bring nomadic Berber tribes into the realm of contemporary interior design.

Checkered rugs

If you're looking for a unique, colorful rug for your home, consider investing in a Checkered Moroccan rug. These rugs are handwoven in Morocco by a nomadic tribe called the Beni Ourain. They are known for their thick pile and plush texture. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, and they can be used in any room of the home.

The Checkered Moroccan rug is a great choice for modern interior design, especially if you want a soft, comfortable floor covering. These rugs are made by women in the Middle Atlas Mountains, using traditional techniques. They feature intricate symbols and tribal motifs and are the perfect complement to any room of the home.

checkered rug

They are often made of 100% natural wool and often do not contain any color dyes. Although the wool was originally spun in Morocco, today it is produced in India. These rugs are incredibly durable and beautiful, and will last for years. Most of the time, the base of a Checkered Moroccan rug is neutral, and the rug itself is often hand-knotted. Depending on the type of fiber used, the Checkered Moroccan rug can be either brightly colored or left plain. Some are made using pure Berber wool, and some are made using special techniques to make them softer and more demanding.

Another style of Checkered Moroccan rug is the Black and White Checkered Rug. This rug features a checkered pattern and is suitable for any room in the home. It compliments rustic, Bohemian, and country-style decor. It is easy to clean and durable, and is a great addition to any room.

Mrirt rugs

Mrirt rugs are part of the Moroccan rug collection and are known for their dense knotting and silky texture. They are crafted by a Berber woman using a vertical loom and are made from exceptional quality wool. These rugs are durable and incredibly soft. The rugs are also environmentally friendly as they are made from recycled materials. Their vibrant colors are the result of the Berber carpet weavers using shadow wool vegetable colors and pure Berber wool and natural fibers.

Mrirt rugs are unique, beautiful, and extremely durable. They are made from 100% wool and have great texture and amazing craftmanship. They also get better with age, unlike other rugs on the market. They will last for many years and still look as beautiful as the day they were made.

Mrirt rug

M'rirt rugs are made in Morocco and are a great way to add Moroccan style to your home. These rugs feature simple patterns and rich colors. Because they are hand-woven, you can expect a little bit of variation in pattern and design. 

 Mrirt rugs are handmade by local women in the Middle Atlas region of Morocco. The women use high-quality wool to make the rugs. The thick pile and dense weaving make these rugs heavy, but they also add to their comfort and warmth. In fact, these rugs are so heavy that they will lay flat on the floor.