Discover the Different Types of Berber Rugs Found in Morocco

Discover the Different Types of Berber Rugs Found in Morocco

If you're looking for a unique tribal rugs, it's time to visit Morocco and explore the diverse designs of the tribe's carpets. From Beni Ourain to Boucherouite and Azilal, you're sure to find a unique rug that suits your style and home. In this article, we'll take a closer look at each of these types of rugs, and show you how to find the perfect one for your home.

Beni Ourain

The thick pile woven Beni Ourain rugs were traditionally created by women in the High Atlas Mountains. They were traditionally made from the wool of an ancient breed of sheep called the Beni Ourain. This type of berber rug features criss-crossing thin black lines, a symbolic representation of peace.

Beni ourain rug
Vintage Beni Ourain carpets display rich textures and chic colors. Their intricate surface designs are cryptic, but evoke a modern, minimalistic decor style. These carpets are a wonderful example of how much less is more. Mid-20th century European and North American interior designers have admired these rugs. Those who have opted for these Moroccan carpets will find their beauty and versatility.

If you're looking for a unique, handmade rug that will stand the test of time, consider a Beni Ourain. These rugs are a one-of-a-kind work of art that can last generations. Made from 100% sheep wool, these rugs are the ultimate in comfort and style. You'll be pleased with the timeless beauty of a Beni Ourain rug and the authentic feel it exudes. They are also an excellent way to incorporate Moroccan traditions into your modern decor. They were traditionally created by the Berber tribes of the Middle Atlas Mountains, where their sheep are raised.

The Beni Ourain tribes are a vast network of nearly two dozen individuals in the Middle Atlas region. Their rugs are made from undyed natural wool and feature unique textures, asymmetrical lines, and understated geometry. In addition to modern decors, these rugs are often complemented by mid-century modern furniture. Nevertheless, you'll find them difficult to resist. In fact, they're the perfect choice for a modern interior.

Boucherouite rug 

A Boucherouite rug is a unique piece of art, found in Morocco only. This high-quality piece of floor covering is ideal for use in the home, as it is both hard-wearing and machine-washable. You can use it in any room of your home, including your kitchen and bathroom. Be sure to buy one made from 100% recycled wool. You can find a boucherouite rug online.

Boucherouite rug

A Boucherouite tribal berber rug is woven by women from the Berber tribe, following age-old traditions and beliefs. The women of the Berber tribe often recycle material from old clothing and other scraps to create these colorful rugs. Many of these rugs are also made from recycled plastic, such as grain shipping bags. Originally, the Boucherouite rug was a type of rag rug with little commercial value, but it has now gained popularity in countries like the United States and Japan.

The Boucherouite tribal berber rug is one of a kind. Made by women in the villages of Boujaad, Azilal, and Beni MGuild, it is one of the most distinctive pieces of Moroccan rugs. These pieces are traditionally made with the hands of women in the region and are ideal for domestic use.

Azilal rug 

The Azilal tribe of Morocco is a part of North Africa's Berber Rug Culture. The Azilal tribe was a major contributor to the creation of the traditional Berber rug. Their rugs are hand-knotted by the women of the region and feature a creamy wool background with geometric or abstract patterns. Azilal rugs are frequently multicolored and contain black, white and cream tones.

moroccan azilal berber rug

These rugs feature exceptional creativity in design, with irregular patterns alternated with abstract designs and diamond-based graphics. Their rich history and colorful designs will transform your interior. Azilal rugs are found in Morocco's high Atlas mountains, and they'll add a unique touch to your home. You'll never have to worry about damaging this rug, as these pieces are durable and easy to clean. To buy one, you'll be delighted by its beauty and versatility.

Azilal rugs are woven by Berber women, and their colors reflect their artistic sense. They're perfect for those who love color, and can add a splash of personality to a monochromatic room. The geometric patterns are often a combination of lines and diamonds, and some designs represent family history or symbolism. The single-knotted nature of Azilal rugs helps distinguish them from other types of rugs.

A Moroccan rug is authentic and handmade by the Berber tribes. The Azilal tribe in the High Atlas area produces the most beautiful rugs. But, if you are a collector, you'll cherish the authenticity of this unique piece for years to come. The Azilal tribal berber rug is one of the most popular Moroccan rugs in the world.

Boujaad rug

The traditional colors of the Boujaad rugs are warm and inviting. They are woven in the traditional Berber knotting method, which uses tighter knots and requires less wool. The geometric patterns of the rugs have specific meanings, such as wishing good health, fortitude, and fertility. The Berbers would lay on these rugs to sleep, surrounded by the warmth and love of their families.

Boujaad rug

The traditional colors and designs of Boujaad tribal rugs can vary greatly. While these rugs are traditionally red, they also come in pink, orange, and purple. You can find both high and low-piled styles. These rugs were traditionally dyed with vegetable dyes. If you're unsure of the color and style of your Boujaad tribal rug, check out some examples to see what makes it special.

Whether you're looking for a Moroccan rug that is rich in culture or simply a beautiful piece of art, you've come to the right place. The Boujaad tribal rug is unique because of its cultural significance and polychromatic brilliancy. You can find them for sale at a local artisan market and on the internet. They are truly beautiful and worth the price of admission. And with their high-end prices, you won't have to worry about sourcing a piece that will last a lifetime.

The town of Boujaad is located in the south of the Zaer-Zaiane region. It is a major trading hub for the weavings from the area. Boujaad tribal rugs are commonly known as Boujaad in trade. Unlike the Saharan Berbers, however, they are not homogeneous. There are several different tribes of Boujaad rugs, and there is no unified confederation of weaving.


If you're looking for a reversible Moroccan rug, you may want to check out the Zanafi tribe. These rugs are hand-made by craftswomen of the Zanafi tribe in Morocco's High Atlas Mountains. These rugs are made of 100% virgin wool and have zigzags and diamond shapes. They are also incredibly durable, as they're made using traditional methods.

Vintage Zanafi rug

A Zanafi rugs are made from natural, undyed wool and are traditionally decorated with Berber designs. They're also extremely warm and cozy, thanks to their high pile and intricate designs. In fact, Zanafi rugs are so thick that they can be used as a shawl in different seasons. The colors are typically muted, but they can also be brightly colored, if you choose a darker rug.

These rugs are rare, because the nomadic Berber tribes around Ouarzazate produce them in small quantities. They are also more expensive than other Moroccan rugs, so they're not for the budget-minded, but those who are savvy will get the most bang for their buck. A Zanafi rug can tie a bedroom together or bring graphic elements to a living room wall.

Another Berber rug to consider is the Zanafi. This rug is a combination of Zanafi and Berber weaving techniques. It's made from white and black sheep wool. Designed with a double fringe, this rug is ideal for a room or hallway. It measures approximately 5'5'' by 8'6'' and includes the fringes on both sides.

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