Getting a Moroccan Rug For Your Home

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Getting a Moroccan Rug For Your Home

Getting a Morocco rug is a great way to add style and elegance to your home. There are a variety of different styles that can be found. These include Azilal, Taznakht, and Beni Ouarain. Each has its own unique characteristics and you can find a Moroccan rug that fits your decor perfectly.

beni ourain rug

  • Beni Ouarain
When you have a beautiful Moroccan rug, you can create a huge impact in your living space. The warmth and comfort of these rugs is sure to make any room a cozy place to be.

Beni Ouarain rugs are a type of traditional woven Moroccan rug that is made with hand-knotted wool. These rugs are created by Berber women who live in the Atlas mountains of Morocco. Traditionally, these rugs are used as bedspreads and blankets.

They have a soft texture and a dense pile. They're handmade and can last a lifetime. You can also purchase these rugs at a variety of different price points. Depending on the quality of the wool, the cost will differ.

Whether you're looking for an inexpensive rug or one that can add a sophisticated touch to your home decor, there are many different types of Moroccan rugs to choose from. Beni Ourain rugs are among the most popular, due to their simple yet geometric patterns and neutral tones. This type of rug can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it an ideal choice for any space.

  • Taznakht
Taznakht is a town in the south of Morocco. It is located 225 km southeast of Marrakech. The town is in the Draa-Tafilalet region.

Rugs made in the region are known for their high quality, with pure Amazigh designs. They are also made with natural dyes, and have a rich sheen. The local wool is known for its long and silky texture.

Rugs are woven by women of the Taznakht tribe. They use a variety of materials, such as sheep wool, pomegranate, and henna. Their crafts have been practiced for hundreds of years.

As a result, the tradition of making rugs in this region is alive and well. Local cooperative societies and international NGOs help the area's economy and health facilities. These organizations also help the Taznakht tribe sustain its craft.

The tribe is also famous for its weaving patterns and hand knots. Today, the tribe is bracing for the modern world, but it is not willing to abandon its ancestral traditions.

  • Azilal
The Azilal Moroccan rug is a unique piece of art. It has geometric patterns and bright colors that are perfect for any interior design. This type of rug is also made from natural materials such as cotton and wool.

Azilal carpets are made in the region of the High Atlas Mountains. They are handcrafted by women of the Berber tribe. These crafts are a great way to add a cultural and ethnic touch to any home.

Traditionally, Azilal rugs are woven from natural wool. They are then dyed with vegetable pigments to create an elegant, colorful rug. While these rugs can vary in price, they are generally high quality.

These rugs are also made from recycled material. They are handmade, so the finishing touches are very important.

The designs are intricate and asymmetrical. They are usually geometric in nature, although they can sometimes have more freestyle patterns. Their colours are usually bright, with a creamy background.

  • Boucherouite

Moroccan Boucherouite rugs are handmade pieces of art that are made from recycled materials. These rugs are known for their bright, vibrant colors and unique patterns. They are considered to be one-of-a-kind pieces that are ideal for mid-century interior design.

boucherouite rug

The origin of the Boucherouite rug lies in the semi-nomadic Berber tribes of Morocco. These women follow traditional practices and beliefs to create these beautiful rugs. In the past, they used wool as their raw material. However, as the scarcity of wool increased, they needed to find a different way to replace it.

Moroccan weavers first began using recycled fabric in the middle of the twentieth century. The weavers then used recycled nylon and wool to create these rugs.

These rugs are known for their vibrant color, and they are often woven with abstract patterns. Their designs are sometimes organic, and they are also incorporated with gold threads.

Boucherouite rugs can be found in high-end European homes, as well as in North African homes. The rug can be displayed as an art piece, or it can be a practical rug for the bedroom.