Old Boucherouite rug

Popular asked questions about Boucherouite rugs

The boucheouite rugs look really great in home decor. Their appearance is colorful Has the power of lightening the whole atmosphere. This is one of the main reasons Why these rugs are so popular all over the world.


Boucherouite rug


Many people wonder how these rugs are beautiful and elegant. Many questions have been raised about these Boucherouite rugs

Are these rugs made from left over or scraps?

Well, the answer to this question is yes. These boucherouite Moroccan rugs were made
from the old scraps of cloths stitched together in beautiful design patterns. It was then the women of berber tribe who continued this wonderful art of making these most fabulous boucherouite rugs.

The basic technique here is to stitch the old pieces of cloths together to make beautiful design patterns. Any coloring required is then done with natural organic color extracts that give these rugs a fabulous look and design.

vintage boucherouite rug

What was the Basic Idea of Making these Rugs?

These Boucherouite rugs design look magnificent in home decor. In ancient Moroccan times, these rugs helped the tribes a lot to comfort them. They used these rugs to sleep on.

These were also light in weight and so were easy to carry from one place to another. This was the basic idea behind designing these magnificent rugs and carpets.
These would look adorable and would also offer a comfortable living. Thus, their production continued and today they are the perfect choice for any home decor.

handmade boucherouite rugs

Which is the Best Place to Buy these Rugs?

Well, there are a lot of suppliers who sell these classic boucherouite rugs. The best place to buy a boucherouite rug would be to get one from Moroccan Medinas. There are many trusted suppliers who bring the best of boucherouite carpets from Moroccan Medina and sell
them online.
This would thus be the perfect place for an individual to get the classic carpet of boucherouite design.

These were the common questions asked about berber rugs with boucherouite
design. We hope that your doubts and concerns might have also been cleared here. So, stay tuned for more information. Decorate your home with these fabulously designed rugs and carpets.

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