How to verify if your vintage moroccan rugs is really vintage?

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Vintage moroccan area rug


Vintage Moroccan rugs are really delightful and pleasant. Their design and embroidery are magnificent. Their presence in home blesses the complete decor and makes it adorable.

No matter what kind of vintage Moroccan carpet it is, it might be berber rugs from atlas tribal , beni ourain rugs or boucherouite rugs they all look incredible. There are a lot of online sellers and suppliers who claim to provide superior quality rugs and carpets fromĀ Morocco

What many people fear is whether the vintage homemade rug is really vintage. Well, that's why one might have to testify to some of the informations that we'll look at in this article. Here the most important thing is the age of this rug. In this article we will focus on all of them :

Antique Moroccan area rug

moroccan rugs

  • Ask for its pastĀ life ;

If your seller claims that the moroccan rug you are buying is a vintage one then do ask for its past life. Many of the old and vintage handmade rugs in Morocco might have been used in the ancient household.

Accordingly, one will find few signs that will authenticate this. The old berber rug or any other vintage Moroccan rug, in fact, should have little stains of henna, candle wax, etc.

Also, one can find few marks in that rug. Obviously, these marks never compromise the beauty of the rug but bring in the vintage charm to the rugs and carpets. Hence, before you buy any vintage Moroccan rug do look for its past life.

Well, if you find the rugā€™s past life you can trust for its authenticity and definitely buy it for your home decor.


vintage berber rug



  • Restoration Difference :Ā 

Another important sign to look for in any moroccan berber rug is the restoration sings. Vintage rugs areĀ the rugs that were made before the 1990s. Manufacturers often clean these rugs and restoreĀ the torn pieces so that these can be used for home decor. Ā 

If the Moroccan carpet like beni ourain rug or boucherouite rug is truly vintage then you will definitely find aĀ restoration difference. This might include a slight change in color or the stitching of the tornĀ pieces.

This restoration is done with extreme care so that authentic beauty and the vintage charm ofĀ the rugs is not compromised.

With the above-mentioned information testify your supplier for the vintage rug and buy theĀ best one for your home decor.Ā 

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