What is a Beni ourain rug?

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What is a Beni ourain rug?

Beni ourain rugs are the first choice for many people when it comes to home décor. Its charming beauty and warmth make it perfect for home decor. one of those lightful rugs in the wide range of Moroccan Rugs styled ad designed with natural materials goes perfectly with any indoor decoration. lightful adorned with typic symbols shaped on diamonds and lined with black fine lines. correspond perfectly contemporary or artisanal styles , classy and invoke the char and history of the very far tribes that take the villages in the highest atlas mountains as their home. The Beni ourain rug is a must-have rug that will please and catch your eyes with its creamy sandy color that refers to the purity of snow color.

beni ourain rugs

Talking about these exotic and very beautiful carpets people have many questions about the history and origin of these carpets.

Here we will have a look at the commonly asked questions in the reference to these rugs and carpets and answer them all. Like beni ourain carpet, almost each and every Moroccan rug like Berber rug, bohemian rug, Boucherouite rug , etc have a classic ancient history.

Why these Rugs Were Originally Made?

beni ourain rug

The classic beni ourain rugs and carpets were originally designed by the tribes near the Atlas Mountains to be used as bedspreads and blankets. This was because of the cold climatic conditions near the mountains.
These tribes never used these berber rugs like beni ourain carpet for decorating the floors in their home. These were used to cover themselves from the cold climates.
Women found these rugs as a mode of showing gratitude and love for their families. Hence, they made these carpets embracing a lot of love and affection in them. This was the original idea behind the making of these beautiful tribal carpets.

Historical majestic and valuable rug, conceived with love and pride by women of the Berber tribes, they spend all over months to weave and impress us with these perfect articles that saluted the universality and took a very specific place in the process of home decoration. Nowadays they are suggested by many home interior designers, that prefer to add that unique Moroccan touche to the area. In the living rooms, bedrooms and more, these suitable lovely fluffy rugs, integrate tribal senses and living style, warm it and light it. Simple, neutral and bohemian, become on the trend and reached b many foreigners customers and rugs collectors.

The Moroccan rugs are generally known as a mythic masterpiece with a unique charm and a very wide range, many categories, many colors, textures and sizes, each one has it own identity, symbols referred to a philosophical concept and geographic belonging that take an important place in the history o weavers that are full and charged with many adventures and daily hard lifestyle, there beliefs and religion,all these details are well mentioned and noticed on the rugs.

What was the Design Ideas in These Rugs?

beni ourain rug

The design and embroideries in these berber rugs were usually abstract and simple. Especially when it comes to beni ourain carpet simplicity was the key. The idea of designing was to embroider simple patterns and symbols that hold a significant meaning in ancient Moroccan times.


How long does it take to make a Beni ourain rug?

Generally, the making of these rugs take over a month, the women get focused for two to three months on the weaving of the rugs, they took their time to handle with this process, in groups or individually,they get refuge from their daily life routine with mint tea, some handmade cookies, and Berber melodies. They show their hidden artistic talents in crafting and precision. From taking care of their families to their traditional workshop where they start to produce this magnificent canvas of traditions transmitted from generation,s to generations. After that the elementary element gets extracted from sheep, spun it with specific handmade materials, this operation transforms the wool into loon and wrap.
After this process, the rug gets knotted well, this generally takes days and weeks of work, it is a very important step, that's where we make sure of the density of the rug, and a best quality one that will resist longer. Crafted with symbols and motifs they get dyed with natural dyes, after this and with a specific scissors, the rug gets cut from the loom and trimmed.
Now, we are close to finish the whole process, time to wash the rug and get cleaned for more than one time, to ensure the softness and lightful side of it, they let it dry under the warm sun in a natural way.

Refers of symbols  

berber symbols rugs

The symbols and motifs refers to the cultural ancestral of the Berber population, that describe their identity in the very simplest and philosophical way, designs and patterns that engender the whole history of the native Moroccan population, that wants to make sure that their habbits,consigns, daily life adventures and wisdom love,pride and the deepest aspect of their existence and living style.
That philosophical aspects was the subject of many researches by many experts and writers, that took this privilege of decoding this language of symbols and historical graphits, narrating deep secrets and a big important part of the Moroccan history by the native population, a script full of meanings, secrets and existential codes

What is a Beni ourain rug?


Is it Trustworthy to Buy these Online?

Many people have a common doubt about beautiful and adorable beni ourain rugs in reference to their availability online. People wonder if it is trustworthy to buy online. If you connect to a good supplier you can absolutely get the best of these classic carpets and rugs.
Also, it is possible to enjoy their charm being in any part of the world. Today, it is quite easy to get these beautiful and elegant rugs in your home. Leading suppliers sell beautiful Moroccan rugs in USA, Australia, and many more countries.


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