Why Berber wedding blanket?

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Why Berber wedding blanket?

Berber Wedding Blanket

For the Berbers, the fabric of the pool, or the Berber wedding blanket, is not only the warmth and decoration of the bride, but also to ward off evil and give fertility and good luck to the newlyweds.

Why berber blanket

Enjoy the elegant Moroccan tribal wedding blanket or handira. Berber wedding blankets were woven by relatives of the female bride. After the wedding, the bride wore a blanket tied around her neck as a head. A combination of dark stripes contrasting with the white background allows it to be used as bedside tables, sofa blankets, carpets or wall art .

berber wedding blanket

Old blankets come from Amazighs (their real name) and are made of wool and cotton. They have a classic thin fringe through which they are decorated with lots of sequins or traditional kilim cloth.

They are considered good luck and are kept to ward off evil spirits and provide fertility for the bride and their marriage. They are stunning at the end of the bed, hanging on the wall and offering a wonderful wedding gift.

Finally Berber blanket are really an incredible way of decorating home and wedding gift as well . Hence, without giving any more thoughts to it hurry up and order the classy wedding balnket today. You will be mesmerized by the classic warmth and comfort that white brings in your home & living.

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