3 important things to know before buying a Moroccan rug

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3 important things to know before buying a Moroccan rug

Moroccan rugs have now become an important part of home decor for many people. Also, everyone wants the perfect carpet with a classic look and feel. It is therefore important that everyone make the best purchase of these carpets .
Before you buy these rugs, there are some important things you should ask for. They will help make your purchase better.

moroccan rugs

Here are a series of questions that you should definitely ask the seller in order to buy the right Moroccan rug with right price : 

1- Handmade or machine-made?

handmade moroccan rug

Always ask the seller if the Moroccan rug you buy is handmade or machine-made. In fact, Berber carpets are usually made by the locals in Morocco and these products are handmade both at home and in a small association often has created by the women of the region.

But unfortunately with the advancement of technology has been established some factories that rely on the machines developed to manufacture these carpets in a short time, but always have a bad quality , So you should check the source of any product before you buy it

2 - Dyed or Undyed

moroccan rug wool

The next thing you need to ask your supplier is whether the rug is dyed or undyed. Some berber rugs especially the beni ourain rugs are prepared from undyed wool. Hence, no coloring is done on the rug.
This gives a sparkling natural beauty to rugs. When it comes to dyed carpets from berber tribe there are one things is boucherouite rug if has been naturally dyed .
Hence, ask for this rug to ensure that you get the perfect moroccan rug dyed with organic color extracts. 

3 - Age of the Rug 

If you are going for a vintage berber rug, never forget to ask for the age of the rug. The increase in age usually increases the price of the rug. So, ensure that the seller is speaking the truth about the age of the rug.
This will also prevent you from indulging in any kind of con. Hence, mind the age of the moroccan rug you are buying.

Vintage moroccan rug