A Checkered Moroccan Rug is a Great Way to Spice Up Your Room

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A Checkered Moroccan Rug is a Great Way to Spice Up Your Room

A checkered Moroccan rug is a great way to add some fun and style to any room. This type of rug is hand-woven by local artisans who use traditional techniques and materials. It's also a great choice if you're looking for a durable, long-lasting rug.

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Beni Ourain

A checkered Beni ourain rug is an ideal representation of the age-old art of carpet weaving. Made of genuine Moroccan lambs wool, this regal woolen masterpiece is a worthy addition to any home, apartment or office. It is an ideal wedding or housewarming present. Whether you have a modern or rustic aesthetic, the Checkered Moroccan rug is sure to be a hit.

The checkered Moroccan rug is one of the most versatile and useful carpets on the market. Thanks to a rich history and tradition, the Beni Ourain tribes have mastered the craft of weaving rugs for the past centuries. Today, they are able to provide you with a wide range of colors and sizes. You can choose from the classic red, blue and green, to more contemporary shades of brown and cream.

Beni Ourain rugs are a treasure trove of geometric and other aesthetically pleasing designs. In fact, they have won awards for their craftsmanship. These rugs are the perfect complement to any interior, whether you're looking for something to lay on in the living room or a touch of culture for the dining room.


Originally from the Azilal region of Morocco, a checkered Moroccan rug is a modern, stylish way to spice up your room. These rugs are made from sustainable wool and handcrafted by skilled artisans. They can be found in local home improvement stores and online.

The motifs on these rugs are reminiscent of tribal patterns. The colors used in these rugs are inspired by the seasonal patterns of weaving. Each piece of these rugs is unique. 

Berber rug

The checkered and slender rugs of the past have been giving way to sleeker more functional and aesthetically pleasing versions of the old guard. The best part is that they're still cheap to boot. A well chosen vintage or antique Moroccan rug could turn any abode into a place of utter luxury. For example, you can find a stunning checkered or slender rugs in a price range of $600 to $1,500, a steal compared to the cost of a high-end designer sofa.

Not to snuff out the competition, but a brisk stroll to the nearest rug store or flea market is all it takes to pick up a snazzy vintage or antique Moroccan rug for a fraction of the price. And if you are lucky enough to find an unafraid owner of a rug of this calibre, you could be in luck. Some of the better known shops, such as BoucherouiteRug and TuaregMat, have an awe-inspiring inventory of the finest rugs around.

Traditional hand-woven rugs

Moroccan rugs are hand-woven by artisans from local tribes and communities in Morocco. Using plants and minerals found in the region, they are made into colorful and intricate designs. These beautiful pieces of art are perfect for any room. Whether you are decorating a home or a shop, these Moroccan rugs will add a worldly look to your decor.

One of the most popular weaving traditions in Morocco is the Azilal rug. This design is based on the theme of love and marriage. The colors in the rug are an important part of the story.

Another traditional Moroccan rug is the Beni Mguild rug. Made from wool, the rug combines vibrant colors with earthy tones. These colors range from bright yellows to muted blues.

The Berber tribes in Morocco have been making rugs for many generations. Today, their designs are preserved by their descendants. They use traditional weaving techniques and local sheep's wool. Their designs are unique and their work is very high quality.