A Closer Look at Moroccan Rugs

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A Closer Look at Moroccan Rugs

When it comes to purchasing a Moroccan rug, there are a few things to consider. The most popular carpets come from the Azilal region, which lies between the High and Middle Atlas. Because there is no written language in the region, the Berber people were able to incorporate ancestral myths into their textiles.

Berber Moroccan rug



  • Boucherouite

A Boucherouite rug is an extremely decorative piece for your home. Unlike other rugs, this piece is created by women in Morocco. They create these unique rugs for their families, and many catalogs describe the process as a liberation from tradition. It's important to note, however, that this type of rugs does not carry the same technical characteristics as a Berber rug. This makes it easy to distinguish a Berber rug from a Boucherouite, and the best examples of this style are often found in the homes of the wealthy.

A Boucherouite rug is made from recycled textiles, mainly wool. The Berber women that produce these rugs create these beautiful pieces of art from old fabric. This type of rugs is characterized by its handmade organic style, and the ability to adapt to many different environments. Many of these rugs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Due to their eco-friendly nature, they are easy to clean and have a high level of character.

Boucherouite rug
  • Beni Ourain

This beautiful and unique Beni ourain rug features a cream or ivory background with a rich indigo black design pattern. This handmade creation is densely double-knotted by women weavers. Many of these rugs tell the story of the artist who crafted them. They have a warm and cozy feel. They are often found in museums and galleries. To get a better idea of the craftsmanship and value of these rugs, read on!

Beni Ourain's rugs share a common style with other hand-made Moroccan rugs. This wool is produced by sheep raised in the mountains near Marrakech. The sheep that produce these rugs are not exposed to the harsh weather conditions and sunlight found in other parts of the world, making them an exceptional quality material. Because the sheep are raised in remote areas of the country, they produce high-quality wool and an attractive rug that will make any room look more cozy.

Beni ourain rug
  • Boujaad

When it comes to interior decoration, a beautiful Moroccan rug Boujaad is the perfect choice. Whether your décor theme is vintage or rustic, this style of rug will look perfect. Its beautiful colors and patterns will make your home look amazing! Let's take a closer look at Boujaad rugs! Here are some reasons why these rugs are so appealing.

The first thing you should know about the design of a Boujaad rug is its color and composition. This is important to know if you want to have a rug that will be around for years. The bright colors of Boujaad rugs tend to age gracefully with their owners. In fact, they will often reflect the owner's age as they fade into washed pastel tones. These rugs can make a statement without words.

Boujaad rug