A Comprehensive Guide to Moroccan Rug Art

A Comprehensive Guide to Moroccan Rug Art

A traditional Moroccan rug is made from 100% wool yarn. Moroccan rugs are the most well-known woven carpets, weaves, and other textiles which were traditionally hand woven in Morocco. In fact, these are considered as the oldest rugs in the world. Traditionally, tribal Moroccans woven rugs for their utility as opposed to for decorative reasons. These rugs were considered as an important part of their attire, adorning their houses, helping them to covering, as well as allowing them to make a mark in history.

Nowadays, they have developed into different styles, designs and colors depending on their purpose. The most popularly used moroccan rug is the shaggy type, which is made from sheep's wool . Other rugs are characterized by their texture, like the geometrical, animal and flower geometric rugs.

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The bold geometric patterns are geometric designs like, ovals, rectangles, octagons, hexagons, and triangles. Geometric pattern was widely used during the early history of the berber rug. However, with the advent of new rug styles, such as those influenced by Arab art, the use of geometric designs have significantly decreased. Today, many architects and designers choose simple, elegant, yet colorful rugs to decorate their homes and give it an exotic and unique appearance.

The beauty of these rugs lies in the fact that the texture and the natural color of the moroccan rug are derived from the wool of sheep. They are also made from the finest fibers available. To manufacture them, the rugs' pile is dyed using animal hair, sometimes pig hair. Traditionally, the weavers wear the headgear while weaving. While some modern moroccan rug makers use looms that resemble ancient looms, most moroccan rug makers still work by hand.

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In addition to being beautiful, these rugs also represent power and wealth. Traditionally, people in the arid areas of Morocco would hand craft their own rugs. They would use natural dyes that would dye the fibers, which would then be woven into cloth. Some pieces would take several days to complete. A person who has owned a moroccan rug for years is considered to be an important member of the community, as they are called.

For the past couple of centuries, moroccan carpets were considered works of art, with ornately decorated borders, colorful patterns, and unique colors. The early moroccan carpets are thought to have originated in North Africa . During the mid-20th century, the technique became popular in Western countries. Today there are many upscale homes that feature authentic moroccan furnishings.

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If you are looking for a moroccan rug that you can use in your home, there are two main types that you can choose from: beni rugs and m'guild rug carpets. beni carpets are flat woven moroccan carpeting that is made from wool obtained from sheep in North Africa. The basic construction method is based on vertical or horizontal grain patterns that are dyed black. These moroccan rugs tend to have a typical North African tribal design motifs, which makes them popular for use in modern day interior design. beni m'guild rug on the other hand are traditionally wider in shape.

An a comprehensive guide to moroccan tribal rugs would include detailed information about how the raw materials are harvested, what the harvesting process entails, and how the finished products are created. This would include how the fabric is constructed by hand. The fabric can be washed several times and dried to create a sturdy covering that can be used as floor coverings or wall coverings. A Moroccan rug can truly add a touch of beauty to any home.