Antique Berber carpet - Find out some things about the Beni ourain rug

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Antique Berber carpet - Find out some things about the Beni ourain rug

Moroccan rugs is one of the most needed things in the world for home decorating. And this is due to its beauty and cultural dimension, and one of the most important and distinctive rugs in the world is the antique berber rug, which was made by the berber tribes located in the depths of the Atlas Mountains, and the date of making these carpets to the stone age and their design had specific cultural meanings


antique beni ourain rugs

Antique Beni ourain rug

One of the most famous berber carpets is the Beni ourain rug, known to be the least ornament, and often contains rudimentary designs. Mostly contrasting shades of white, basic but expressive style designs are colored with natural dyes. Many rugs are black and white, but can also be found in a range of colors. They may have frequent diamond patterns, staggered or perhaps jagged lines, squares and stars.

Berber carpets are made from organic materials such as sheep wool and colored with natural dyes, such as indigo and saffron.

These rugs were initially woven for everyday needs, such as blankets made to warming temperatures . In fact, you may get to know the distinctive thickness of the beni ourain rug, which is directly related to the need for warmth in the cold mountainous region, as carpets were used to sleep on and even used as articles of clothing

Contemporary uses of Beni Ourain rugs are mostly limited to home decor. Its soft and subtle tones and designs make it easy to blend in with most, if not all, home décor. From elegance to neutral, traditional or contemporary, Berbers fit right and can be found in all sizes, this means that you can get a rug for every room!


where can i buy a beni ourain rug

Where can i buy beni ourain rug

Well, there are a lot of suppliers who sell these Antique . The best place to buy a Beni ourain carpet would be to get one from Moroccan Medinas. There are many trusted suppliers who bring the best of berber carpets from Moroccan Medina and sell them online.

This would thus be the perfect place for an individual to get a Vintage berber beni ourain rug.

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