Buying a Moroccan Rug

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Buying a Moroccan Rug

A Moroccan rug is a textile that has been manufactured using traditional Moroccan weaving techniques. Moroccan rugs are both the woven carpets and weaves, which have historically been hand woven traditionally by the Moroccans. Historically, Moroccans have woven traditional rugs for their utilitarian utility rather than for aesthetic purposes.

Today, moroccan berber rugs can be purchased online or in some cases, you may find these rugs in an antique store. These rugs were traditionally used by Moroccan village women as floor coverings and for adornments. In addition to the use of the rugs for floor coverings and adornments, the women of the village would also make these rugs from different types of animal hair. The most commonly used animals in the Moroccan weaving process were sheep, goat, mule and camel. The wool from these four animals were woven together by womenfolk to create the basic moroccan rug.

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Today, moroccan carpets can be purchased online or in some cases, you may even find these rugs at an antique store. Today, Moroccan textiles are used for many purposes and they are no longer used as floor coverings only. The traditional moroccan rugs were decorated as wall tapestries and hung on walls as decorations. A well crafted moroccan rug adds an impressive feature to any room and they can make excellent wall hangings or floor coverings.

The price range of these moroccan rugs is dependent on the level of intricacy and design. Usually, the more detailed the pattern, the higher the price. However, there are some very beautiful rugs that fall in the mid price range that are equally stunning. It is important to understand that price range is not a fixed rule and you will find that some of the more intricate designs may not readily be available in the lower price range.

Usually the moroccan rugs originated in the Berber region and they were woven by tribes from Morocco These tribes were Beni ourain . The women of this tribe were the ones who specialized in creating this art form. The tribe's women were called "kifir", which is another term for a specialized sheater.

One way of distinguishing between authentic moroccan rugs and reproductions is by looking at how the carpet is made. For example, authentic rugs are usually hand knotted, while copies usually aren't. Also authentic styles have vertical pile which is what gives them their distinctive look. Reproduction styles have pile which are twisted in the wrong direction. You should really want to make sure that the moroccan rug you buy is made the traditional way.

Moroccan decor comes in many different colors and styles. You will also want to consider the patterns, colors, and textures that are unique to the area. You can find moroccan rugs which feature animals, plants, birds, geometric shapes, animals, geometric motifs, and textures which are unique to the area. You can find some which are plain, solid colors, or which have an interesting pattern. Marrakech floor covering can be found in various hues and patterns. You can find vibrant reds, greens, blues, blacks, ocher, browns, and other colors as well as the traditional orange, blue, yellow, white, gray, ivory, green, black, pearl, cream, and other colors.

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Some of the rugs in the moroccan decor collection have intricate knot work and are made from 100% pure moroccan wool. These rugs often have an evil spirits circle drawn on the back so it would be easy for the evil spirits to find their way out. If you put the wool moroccan rug on top of a dark colored area of ​​your wall with metal fixtures you can easily see the designs and patterns clearly. You may even be able to pick up a subtle description about the area from the description that is woven into the Moroccan rug.