Custom moroccan rug from marrakech

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Custom moroccan rug from marrakech

Large custom Moroccan Beni Ouarain rug from berber tribal in marrakech 

Beni ourain rug are handmade rugs in Morocco, in large sizes, up to twenty square meters and sometimes more. Their dimensions are very variable but not always adapted to those searched for in their living room.
How do you find the right dimensional Berber beni ourain rug when the rug space is 275 x 325 cm?

custom rug

Of course, these dimensions are not usually found in the carpet of the beni ourain carpet.

Beni ourain rugs have fairly volatile sizes in width / length ratio from 2/3 to 3/4, but rarely 4/5. If this happens, there is little chance that the rug patterns and dimensions will exactly match what is needed.

Our client chose Beni ourain from the online store as a model, measuring 185 x 295 cm, with black diamonds on a white background, 2.5 cm thick.

But he wanted to order the Beni ourain rug with dimensions of 275 x 325 cm. Therefore, it is about making a brown carpet between two identical diamonds and adding a width of 90 cm and a length of 30 cm to obtain the desired carpet.

Consequently, the size of a diamond cannot be reproduced identically. It will be necessary to adapt it to the new dimensions of the carpet. Despite everything, the overall design of the rugs should remain as close as possible to the original design of the original model. That is, diamonds will keep their shape relatively elongated.

blue custom rug


Based on the number of diamonds in the model, 3 in width and 3.5 in length, we conclude that all diamonds adopt a rectangular shape, measuring approximately 60 cm in width for 80 cm in length.

For carpets that are 275 x 325 cm long, we will have a width of 4 diamonds and a half and a length of 4 diamonds, with edges placed on a short side.

But the client's demand is to place a margin on the long side. So the rug can be seen from the side. In this case, the diamond will also be seen from the side, and it looks wider than its length.

After rebalancing the size of the diamond, the rug could have been developed, providing a design very close to the prototype.

Another rug of Beni ourain of perfect quality like only Berbers holding secrecy. This thick rug, closely tied to natural black and white wool, is distinguished by the art of berber wool rugs from Morocco.


colorful custom rug


Very simple graphics, based on geometric figures, give these rugs an unforgettable style.

According to our client's request, the margin has been carefully removed from the short side of the rug. Then a long side was cut with a fringe.

The limbs on the short side paved the way for a fine and cautious knot, from below. Margin on the long side is regular and along the same primary lines.

Once again, Berbers demonstrate their skill in carpet making, adapting to all styles of decoration, and for all requests, for the greatest pleasure.