Different tips to buy a perfect Beni Ourain Rug

by Ismail Rayan

Natural and authentic charm, a masterpiece from the Middle Atlas mountain tribes, the Beni ourain rugs, get the attention of most customers and Moroccan rugs lovers with its softness and heavy pill, such a perfect addition to your house interior decor. These kinds of Berber rugs can be placed in both artisanal and modern area, it combines the perfect texture and white cloud color with the whole decoration of your room, and extract light and peace from your area.

beni ourain rug

That handmade rugs are woven by women of the tribes, conceived specially for the cold weather that characterize these Moroccan regions, contains materiel soft natural element, such as the wool of a special sheeps from atlas mountains,sheered and cleaned,the women spin the wool in order to make a perfect soft yarn, turned into threads.

After this process, the rug is woven by a manual machine and the artistic hands of women.

generally, the Beni Ourain rug is characterized by a black line in the shape of diamonds, we can find some of them with a double diamonds or just small ones on a surface of a creamy color, that's what made these rugs totally classy.

buying this kind of Berber rugs, most be a careful step there are some rules and steps in this process.

a good start begins with finding a good rugs shop, in that order, you have to step into different shops, sometimes it gets so boring and stressful but it is a necessary step to, firstly: catch the maximum of informations. 

berber rug

secondly: compare prices,and finally to make the perfect choice.

when you hold-steady in one shop then you may sit on a chair and have a look in the different rugs presented by the seller. Informe him about choice, you will be able to see details, quality of wool, test it if it's real or fake, and you can detect if the carpet is artificially colored.

take the time you need to make your choice, and for this reason, it is preferable to preliminary done your researches, in order to have the idea about how quickly you can detect fake ones the handmade rugs are knowing by their perfect imperfections.

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