Different Woven Moroccan Berber rug in interior decoration

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Different Woven Moroccan Berber rug in interior decoration

Specialized in interior decoration, we provide you with a wide range of Berber rugs. This rustic accessory comes from the Middle Atlas. The Moroccan rug is commonly called Berber carpet, but there is a wide variety of carpets from the Berber tribes of the Middle and High Atlas. Berber women tell their story, their culture in the making of these pure wool rugs. Beni Ouarain rugs, Azilal rugs, Mrirt rugs, Boucherouite rugs, Zanafi rugs, they all have their own particularity. 


moroccan trellis rug

Woven in an artistic way, this element to cover the floor makes your interior chic and bohemian. Its thick and warm appearance gives an impression of comfort and conviviality to your home. The Moroccan carpet is most often made in beige tones. In addition, its surface is decorated with drawings mainly of a brown color. Other models offer a greater variety of colors and representations.

Whatever the style and color, the Berber rugs offered by this site are elegant and original. All the Berber rugs offered at our store have been selected by Dominique Tosiani, architect and interior decorator, during his many trips. Each carpet has its own story.

moroccan area rug


They are also suitable for any room in your home. Indeed, these accessories can create harmony and balance in your decoration. For a more discreet atmosphere, opt for plain and neutral models. With this in mind, you can also choose from the selection with simple patterns. The rich color variants bring a nice contrast and cheerfulness to the duller rooms. The range with more elaborate representations gives a touch of fantasy. Thus, the mere presence of this decorative piece will enhance your entire interior.

also we offer runners, ideal for your hallway.
For better maintenance and to guarantee the durability of this coating, vacuum regularly.

berber style rug