Fall in Love With Traditional Handmade Moroccan Berber Rugs

Fall in Love With Traditional Handmade Moroccan Berber Rugs

Are you geared up to feature a high-priced and unique element to your property? Have you ever taken into consideration the splendor of a traditional hand-crafted Moroccan Berber rug?

These awesome creations combine contemporary layout with historical craftsmanship, making them truely one-of-a-kind pieces. Each rug is fabricated from all-herbal materials, ranging from wool and cotton to silk and mohair. And every rug tells a tale, so every one has its own unique layout and coloration.

Whether you're looking for a piece it's ambitious and vivid or diffused and subtlety, there is positive to be a handmade Moroccan Berber rug that suits your flavor. Before we get into the info of what to search for whilst shopping for such a rugs, allow me proportion with you why they are such undying classics. From their history to the way they may be made, here is everything you need to know approximately these lovely rugs.Moroccan rug

Introduction to Moroccan Berber Rugs & Their History

Have you ever thought of introducing an proper and timeless piece of Moroccan artwork into your house? If so, it is time to fall in love with traditional hand-crafted Moroccan Berber rugs ! Dating back centuries, these artisan-crafted beauties are inspired by way of the local Berber human beings of Morocco. Not best are these rugs pleasing and specific however additionally famend for their superior great and craftsmanship.

Known as the "Kings of Weaving," every Berber rug is made to order according to standard methods. From sourcing the fabric to creating a lovely design, each rug takes anywhere from several days as much as several weeks to make—and is crafted with intense precision and care. Furthermore, they're made with herbal dyes, wool, cotton or silk—so you can sense even higher approximately including appeal and man or woman on your living area.

The exceptional element? It's smooth to find a rug that speaks immediately to your fashion. Whether you choose some thing conventional, present day or bohemian, you're certain to find a rug that fits your very own private esthetic. Now this is some thing really worth investing in!

Unique Patterns & Colors of Moroccan Berber Rugs

Moroccan Berber rugs are as unique character. Each rug is hand-crafted with a whole lot of conventional, tricky styles and subtle, neutral colorations. Depending on the origins of the maker, you could find that every rug has exclusive tribal element, weaving techniques and fabric used.

No remember which fashion you buy, you may make sure that each sample you see was carefully crafted through hand from herbal materials like wool and cotton. The one-of-a-kind styles were handed down thru generations of Moroccan households to hold their way of life alive. You may additionally even come across a few precise motifs that tell stories about nomadic tribes or important holidays in Moroccan subculture.

The harmonious color palette located in Moroccan Berber rugs enhances any home decor—the neutral tones offer a subtle backdrop while retaining the rug’s colourful vibe. The subtlety of colors also permit your piece to remain undying irrespective of how an awful lot your private home decor adjustments.

Diversity of Materials Used for These Rugs

Once upon a time, Moroccan berber rugs were made with goat hair, sheep wool, and plant-based totally dyes sourced from nearby forests. But over the centuries, they have got developed to characteristic a huge variety of materials — from thick acrylics to costly silks — and are to be had in extraordinary textures and shades.

No count what mixture you pick, each rug will have its personal specific story and fashion. And this makes them splendid conversation portions in addition to part of your own home décor. Here’s an overview of some of the materials utilized in making these rugs:

Morocco rug


This is the most typically used material for Moroccan berber rugs, due to its durability and affordability. It additionally has hypoallergenic properties which facilitates maintain allergens away. The various thickness of sheep or goat wool offers them awesome styles and colours determined in no different sort of carpet or rug.


Cotton is commonly used as the inspiration fabric for weaving with wool or other fibers like jute or silk. It’s lightweight however nonetheless offers suitable help for the fibers above it in order that an unmarried rug carries an extremely good amount of elements and texture.

Jute & Silk

These materials provide Moroccan berber rugs their lustrous sheen and splendid gentle feel – ideal for steeply-priced residing rooms or bedrooms! Both materials require high levels of understanding to work with due to their sensitive nature, which makes positive that all keeps its precise character from start to complete.

So whatever your preference can be—from traditional patterns to present day prints—you’re positive to discover your perfect hand-crafted Moroccan berber rug!

Care and Maintenance of Moroccan Berber Rugs

If you carry a handmade Moroccan Berber rug into your home, you need to know how to attend to it. It's authentic that those rugs are long lasting and may deal with some put on and tear, but due to the herbal fibers and sensitive craftsmanship, right upkeep is prime to getting the maximum from your funding.

Luckily, with a bit bit of expertise about the care and preservation of Moroccan Berber rugs, you can maintain your rug searching like it's brand new for years to come.


Vacuuming regularly is critical—especially if you use it in excessive-visitors regions. This enables cast off dirt particles that get embedded within the rug's fibers over time. You should additionally role your vacuum carefully so as not to purpose any damage—it is fine no longer to use the beater bar or a energy head whilst vacuuming these rugs.

Blotting & Spot Cleaning

When spills happen, use paper towels or cloth towels dampened with cold water and blot (don't rub) away any liquid mess at once. Once all the liquid mess has been soaked up, use a small quantity of moderate detergent (like castile soap) combined with cold water on a clean cloth, again blotting up from the middle until only spot remains—then permit dry naturally.

Professional Cleaning

You may also need to lease a professional cleanser periodically for deep cleaning because doing this for your own ought to doubtlessly damage your rug. It's also recommended that you rotate your rug at the least two times yearly so elements won't look worn quicker than where it was once located earlier than.

Tips for Choosing the Right Rug for You

When it comes to selecting the right rug for your property, there are a few key issues. Here is what to search for while buying a conventional handmade Moroccan Berber rug:

Quality of Materials

When looking for a new handcrafted Moroccan rug, the first-rate of substances is one of the maximum vital factors you must look for. Traditional Berber rugs are made from herbal substances like wool, silk and cotton and blends of those materials. These rugs come with an impressive array of textures, patterns and shades that reflect Morocco's numerous cultural background. Look for rugs made with incredible materials that feature an problematic layout to beautify your décor.


The size of the rug relies upon on the size of your room – make sure there may be sufficient area among your fixtures and the edges of your Berber rug to make sure it doesn’t get broken. The right length will even help make a room seem large.


The shade you select could be determined by means of the colour scheme to your room as well as private desire – don't forget that lighter colorations can assist make a room appear large whilst darker sunglasses will upload a comfy feel. Consider making an investment in two Moroccan Berber rugs with complementary colorings if you need to add more texture and hobby to your dwelling area.

Shopping for the correct home made Moroccan Berber rug can be overwhelming at first, however while you realize what factors to remember, you’ll make certain to discover one that completely enhances different factors in your home.

Benefits of Investing in a Handmade Moroccan Berber Rug

When it comes to floor coverings, you can't get higher than investing in a conventional handmade Moroccan Berber rug. Yes, they'll be pricey, but the blessings of owning one are really worth the value.


One motive why these rugs are really worth investing in is due to their notable durability. Thanks to the herbal fibers used in the making procedure—which includes wool, cotton and jute—those rugs will closing for a life-time (and perhaps even extra). The herbal materials used additionally make those rugs proof against dirt, mold, and any other sort of deterioration.

Exquisite Beauty

Another major advantage that makes making an investment in a home made Moroccan Berber rug well worth it is their outstanding beauty. The complex craftsmanship that goes into making these rugs effects in introduction of undying art pieces – each with distinct styles and shades so one can make your indoors decor appearance sublime and stylish.


Finally, these rugs additionally come with superb versatility – they may be located everywhere round your own home or workplace without worrying tons approximately wear and tear. And way to their capacity to withstand modifications in temperature, you may easily pass them from interior to outside as frequently as you want.

So if you’re thinking about buying a astonishing floor overlaying for your private home or workplace—one in order to ultimate for decades—pass for handmade Moroccan Berber rugs!


In sum, no matter what style you’re looking for, Traditional Handmade Moroccan Berber Rugs are a wonderful option for bringing a completely unique, hand-crafted touch to your property. These beautiful pieces are constructed to ultimate, and are available in a whole lot of styles and hues which could match any domestic’s décor. The craftsmanship and elaborate info cause them to an appropriate accent piece to any room. Investing in a Moroccan Berber rug is a funding of each money and time, and it will praise you with piece of records in your house for years to come.