Handmade beni ourain rug weaving in Morocco by women from berber tribal

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Handmade beni ourain rug weaving in Morocco by women from berber tribal

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Winter, as always in Morocco, leads to Beni ourain rugs and climatic fluctuations. We have to believe that the cold winter brings us closer to this Moroccan rug of thick and dense wool. This Berber rug is famous for the comfort it provides and as a thermal insulation. A brown and two carpet in the living room will be synonymous with warm décor, effectively compensating for the lower temperatures.


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Custom Beni ourain rug requests cannot be exceeded. Maintaining a steady pace, they bravely occupy Berber weavers at the beginning of the year. Bani Al-Warid should not escape from the base. It should be thick, made of double wool knot for maximum density and coated with beautiful whites.


wool berber area rug

The challenge is far from overcoming it for Berber women in Beni ourain. However, the traditional Beni Ouarain carpet manufacture can be hampered in winter. When it gets cold and humid, the block of the Middle Atlas is covered with a beautiful white coating. You can even go skiing in the north in Ifrane, to the south of the Bani Al Waren region. Ifrane is one of the two winter sports resorts in Morocco, along with Ouïïmeden in the OUT rocky massif.

Climate fluctuations in Morocco

If Morocco is a favorite destination for tourists, like Marrakech or Essaouira, the sun should be used above all. However, in the heart of winter, the weather conditions are very different. Zagora is located in the south of Morocco, on the edge of the Sahara Desert. Summer temperatures exceed fifty degrees Celsius, making the air breathable. Vortices raise sand under the hot sun. But in the past few days I have seen the Zagora palm grove, showing itself in a very unusual aspect. It has been more than fifty years since snow fell in Zagora, according to the daily Le Parisien

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The making of carpets hampered in turn

The carpet manufacturing process is long and requires appropriate climatic conditions. Berber weavers work in their own house, where a room is reserved for weaving carpets. This is the case for Berber women from the Beni ourain tribes. These houses are often built of stone, without insulation or heating. If women can cover themselves with warm clothes and Berber woolen blankets, the work remains difficult. It is impossible to tie strands of wool at a high rate if you wear gloves. It is therefore with bare hands, in very cold weather, that the Berber weavers work to make Beni Ouarain rugs.

These prowess find their limits despite everything, because certain stages of the realization of woolen carpets have to face insurmountable constraints in bad weather. This is particularly the case for the operations to be carried out once the carpet has been completed.

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When finishing the carpet, it is important to wash it with a large amount of water. This aims to make the rug as white as possible and make it look final. It should then be dried, and the wool should completely get rid of moisture. In summer, the hot sun and high temperatures allow the Moroccan beni ourain rug to dry in just three days. Carpets are exposed to sunlight on the veranda overlooking the house, arranged upside down to protect wool from the sun. He returned at the end of the day, at sunset, immediately put. This allows thick and thick wool to be able to ventilate during the night.

In periods of severe cold, the presence of ice and freezing water often prevents this final process. The drying period of the Beni ourain rug can then be extended to two weeks or more. It will not even be possible to spread the carpets on the terrace floor if it is covered with snow. And, of course, be sure to give up the carpets covered with water until frost.

The tradition of Berber ancestors in carpet weaving in Morocco has been temporarily interrupted by weather fluctuations. If Berber women try, to the best of their ability, to pursue wool weaving activities, it is easy to understand that carpet production has been seriously delayed. Results are felt first and foremost within Berber families. Because carpet weavers are deprived of financial resources. Customers who wait patiently for the specially designed Beni ourain rug that they requested just recently, feel the feeling.

Under these harsh conditions, and with an underlying human threat, our thoughts lie in the priority of Moroccan families, and therefore are exposed to harsh climatic conditions. It is hoped that humanitarian assistance will be effective and rapid in mountain areas. The Moroccan people are suffering, we support them and we also need to explain the situation to our clients, whose expectations are completely legitimate. The brown warren rugs to be sure will be shipped, but it is difficult to know exactly what dates are.