Moroccan kilim for floor rugs

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Moroccan kilim for floor rugs

Moroccan kilim rugs prove to be very significant for the floor. They provide a lot of features which you are looking for. 

Moroccan kilim for floor rugs

They are handwoven made up of different unique styles and designs. The flat weaving technique is used while making them which are why they are perfect for the floor. They are made up of the best quality material which does not get damaged even if you use it roughly. 

An insight to Moroccan kilim rugs :

Let's have a look at some of the things that you must know about Moroccan kilim . They are preferred by most people because of their best quality features and beautiful designs. 

Living room rug

What are they made up of ?

Best quality wool is used in the making of Moroccan rugs kilim. They are very soft, having a delicate texture which is loved by the people. 

  • Sheep wool 

The wool comes from sheep fleece which makes it durable and natural. It has a natural Shine and strength making it long-lasting. The wool of sheep is very durable providing the rugs best quality and beautiful texture. Original sheep wool is used in the manufacturing of these rugs.  

  • Cotton fibers 

Sometimes to enhance the quality a soft cotton fiber is used for making these rugs too. Cotton fiber is mixed with Sheep wool which combinedly provides a significant result making the rugs soft and unique. Because the Cotton fiber rugs get a luxurious affect that cannot be resisted. Moroccan kilim rugs are known for their softness and shine.

What makes them special ? 

There are many features of the Moroccan berber kilim that make them special. They are admired by most people because of their high-quality features along with durability and comfort. 

  • Handmade : 
small kilim rug

These rugs are handmade with a lot of effort and experience. This makes them different from the traditional drugs adding value to them. A whole team of people is involved in making these rugs keeping in mind all the requirements of the people. They adopt the latest techniques and trends for making the rugs every time which makes them very luxurious and admirable. 

  • Various designs : 

Moroccan kilim Come in unique and different designs and eye catching. Natural fibers and dyes are used for making them unique and special.


  • They are available in a huge variety which gives people the freedom to choose the rug of their own choice.
  • The people who make these rugs are very expert in their work. 
  • By their skill and sense of aesthetics, they know how to weave beauty into a rug. 


  • They have their worth :

These rugs are more expensive than the traditional rugs because of the high-quality wood used in them. It is also made up of a team of experts by hand which enhances the quality. 


They are very durable which can be used by you for a longer time. They are easy to clean as natural material and dyes are used in the making of these rugs. They come in a variety of designs which are very unique and attractive.


Final thoughts :

Moroccan kilim rugs are the finest drugs available that can be used for your floors. They can beautify your living space as the designs and patterns of the rocks are very beautiful. They provide several features which make them the best choice for most people.  If you want Moroccan kilim for floor rugs you can get them from our website.